YES, YOU CAN!–Women can have a business career & enjoy life. Our co-founder Theresa shares how she balances her three passions—running two businesses and teaching yoga.

I feel very blessed to be women in our current society. Women have more influence than ever before. We have equal rights, are earning the same as our male peers and it’s becoming more and more common for women to be the main breadwinner in the family. Although this is not the case everywhere, and we still have some way to go, I am positive of what the future holds.

As a female entrepreneur and yoga teacher, I sometimes get asked how I got the courage to leave my job to start something of my own, to take such a big risk. To be honest I didn’t see it that way. Yes, I decided to quit my job to start a business, but I didn’t experience it as something that you needed courage for. Growing up, I never felt that I couldn’t do something or be someone because I was a girl or for any other reason. My parents always encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to do. I am naturally a risk taker, so I suppose for me starting my own business was just another project that I wanted to embark on, and my absolute downside was that it would not work and that I would have to look for another job. I am not saying it’s easy to start and run your own business, but making the decision to quit my job to start was not a difficult one. 



I think that we should all be doing things that make us happy. Even if our job doesn’t make us happy directly, the job can enable us to do things that make us happy. So indirectly the job does make us happy. It’s just about identifying that and reframing our mindset. You could be in your own business and not be happy too, so it’s all about perspective!

This International Women’s Day, I would like to invite you to reframe your mindset that YOU CAN, whatever it is that you want to do. Don’t look at the difficulties (at least not straight away), but look at the possibilities first. Then those difficulties wouldn’t be so difficult to overcome. However, don’t live in the clouds, be realistic, be practical, do your research! And anything you want to do or become will be possible.

Don’t be a stranger, let us know how you got on!

xx Theresa
Co-Founder of SOULSCAPE