Yoga Teacher Training with Priyan Nithya

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With the onset of the New Year is a new long line up of new Yoga Teacher Training courses. There are a few to choose from which is why SOULSCAPE  has been keeping tabs on up and coming Yogis worth keeping your eye on– beginning with Priyan Nithya who is on the precipice of launching his First Teacher Training.

Yoga Teacher Training with Priyan Nithya

Yoga Teacher Training with Priyan Nithya–After his studio opening less than a year ago, Priyan Nithya is finally letting the cat out of the bag. He recently released information detailing his first teacher training course that will take place Spring of 2018 after months of preparation and planning. 

The course is an incredible opportunity.  But there is a catch: it is open to only 12 participants. To get in, you have to act and reserve yourself space.

Yoga Teacher Training with Priyan Nithya

It does not take much thought to come to the conclusion, this is a course that is not to be missed. There are few places that offer such intimacy and one-on-one access. Those who take the course he will walk away with invaluable knowledge.

The Nitty Gritty: The training & What to Expect–Yoga Teacher Training with Priyan Nithya

This April, Priyan will lead twelve students through eight weeks of Self Discovery, Purification and Introspection. It is a journey towards finding your Inner Peace, Centeredness and Purpose.

It will deepen not just the student’s knowledge of Hatha practice and theory, but their experience of the path of Unification, or Yoga itself.

From this Foundation rooted in Authentic practice, he will guide and instruct the students in the art of sequencing and conducting classes, revealing in detail every aspect of his own unique teaching methodology and working towards developing and refining their own personal Voice and becoming an empowered Yoga Teacher.

This one of a kind Teacher Training Course is structured in three parts. Each offers a different tempo and focus, like the different faces of a multifaceted gem that come together to form a comprehensive and integrated whole.

About Priyan Nithya

Priyan started practising yoga in 2008, seeing it as a way to compliment his Vipassana meditation practice. What unfolded was amazing. He witnessed the healing and transformative power of yoga in his own flexibility and strength as well as inner calm.

He constantly draws from his own experiences in this rich and eventful journey to bring a maturity and peacefulness to each and every class conducted, attending to each student with attentiveness, patience and compassion.

He has a firm belief in the practice of Yoga being a priceless gift handed down through the ages with its ultimate purpose being to facilitate a realization of the True Self and awakening to a Higher Purpose through the purification of body, mind and spirit.

What his students are saying “Priyan is one of the best teachers around in Singapore. When you’re a regular practitioner, few teachers give you the opportunity to learn something new every time and/or reach a deeper level of practice.” ~ Philipp Kristian

“Priyan is a teacher who shares passionately from the heart and his dedication to teaching continues to inspire me on and off the mat.“ ~ Sinhui Low

“Always love classes taught by Priyan. well paced and a very experienced teacher. the flow class today was one of the best i had =)” ~ Rachel Fok

“I like the flow of Priyan’s teaching. A true yogi and teacher who has the knowledge and compassion in his teaching.” ~ Florence Teo

“Priyan is a spectacular teacher. He gives you space to explore your practice safely while pushing you beyond your comfort zone. Strong and mindful yoga practice with a personal touch. Two thumbs up” ~ Meiyan Cheong