Which Yoga Class Best Suits You?

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You’ve heard about the benefits of Yoga and you’re keen to try it out. After all, it’s not just your friends who do Yoga – Their friends and neighbours enthuse about it profusely; they bend and stretch and roll with their siblings, their colleagues, their best friends and some of them even do Yoga together with their pet dogs and cats.

You figure you would dive straight in and tag along with your colleague after work and traipse over to her Yoga studio a couple of blocks away, but you begin hesitating after reading about the many different styles of Yoga there are out there.

When it comes to Yoga, the saying “one size does not fit all” rings true. Its growing popularity, bolstered by numerous celebrity endorsements over the years, has led to many different styles being introduced every other year. Yoga that will facilitate pregnancies? Check. Yoga that you can do together with your bros? Check. Yoga that defies gravity and has you contorting yourself in the air? Check, check and check.

Which Yoga Class Best Suits You

Now add that to the fact that there’s Yoga classes for beginners, advanced practitioners and every other level in between, it’s no wonder that a person will stop to consider if they should even give Yoga a go. And for those who are willing to take the plunge, participating in the wrong class can be rather overwhelming and put them off Yoga for good.

If your concern is about you being in a situation like the one above, or you have been scarred by a similar experience previously, fret not. Virgin Active, the international health and fitness chain, recognises that many beginners can get inundated by all the different types of Yoga styles being taught and worry if one particular style is right for them. This is why it has several different styles of Yoga that its members can check out, as part of an exhaustive offering of over 200 group exercise classes being taught per week, under one roof, in every single one of its clubs.

Virgin Active recently partnered together with internationally renowned Yoga instructor and Instagram personality Patrick Beach to collaboratively reimagine its entire Yoga programme, making it less daunting for members who are keen to explore how Yoga can benefit them both physically and mentally. The American-born yogi spends most of his time travelling around the world to conduct workshops, retreats and trainings, where his passion for the practice clearly shines through. As its global ambassador for Yoga, he has helped Virgin Active refine its Yoga class offerings into three simple and main categories – With the aim of helping Virgin Active’s club members better determine the type of Yoga that suits them best.

With this new, simplified grouping of its Yoga offerings, Virgin Active wants to emphasise that there is a Yoga class for every need – whether you want to regain your flexibility, tone up, wind down or push yourself in new and surprising ways. It demystifies this ancient tradition of centring one’s mind and body, and distinctly outlines the physical benefits one can expect to gain when they attend Yoga classes from each category.

  • Strength classes focus on getting the heart pumping and gearing up cardio while sculpting the body through moves that tone the muscle groups. Build resilient posture, improve circulation and strengthen your core in a powerful, mindful way.
  • Align classes zero in on long-held poses that lengthen, strengthen and increase mobility through techniques tailored to enhanced stability, precision and postural alignment.
  • Calm classes are restorative; practitioners aim to achieve full body flexibility through a series of soft but penetrating stretches that induce a state of relaxation in both mind and body.

Ready to find out which Yoga class suits you?
For the entire month of September 2017, Virgin Active will be conducting free 30-minute long Intro to Yoga classes that even non-members can sign up for. So if you’ve been curious about Yoga, this is an excellent opportunity for you to give it a try and determine the Yoga style that is in perfect alignment with yourself.