Yoga Block: Foam or Cork is Better as a Prop?

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oga Block: Foam or Cork is Better as a Prop?–Are tight hamstrings preventing you from reaching deeper into yoga leg stretches? Or tight back muscles making it tough for you to sink deeper into restorative yoga poses for relaxation? Your answer is a yoga block. Yoga blocks are the yoga prop that provides support and balance needed by yogis when getting into challenging yoga poses.

Yoga blocks are available in foam or cork material, and depending on your yoga level, each type of yoga block will offer different degrees of support. Come find out whether you need a cork yoga block or a foam yoga block for your practice.

Yoga Block Foam or Cork is Better as a Prop

Foam yoga blocks are the most popular for this type of yoga prop as it is affordable and available in a variety of colours. The foam yoga block is commonly found in yoga studios in Singapore.

Foam yoga blocks provide great convenience for travelling yogis who bring their yoga props with them—foam yoga blocks are lightweight, so they are easy to carry in a bag as you move around Singapore and beyond.

Cork yoga blocks provide yogis with better support in yoga poses that require balancing. This is due to the denser and sturdier cork material used, as compared to foam yoga blocks. For yogis determined to achieve challenging balancing yoga poses, the cork yoga block is the one you should go with.

While cork yoga blocks are slightly denser and thus heavier than their foam counterparts, they are still sufficiently lightweight to be carried in a bag when moving around Singapore.

Yoga Block: Foam or Cork is Better as a Prop?–Regardless whether you opt for a foam or cork yoga block, this is a useful yoga prop to have when practising yoga poses on your own. The support that a yoga block provides is invaluable.