24 JULY 2015, SINGAPORE– Our nation celebrates its 50th birthday this month, and what better way to usher in our SG50 tribute than by honoring Singapore’s golden-aged pioneers? Their dedication to nation building has brought us the prosperity and stability that we enjoy today, and in appreciation for their contributions, one way we can give back is to help our folks age gracefully and meaningfully, and to live their life with greater vitality and joy.

The fifties are a wonderful time where one can enjoy the fruits of their labour, indulge in their passions and renew their zest in life. All kinds of opportunities are available – beginning new friendships or re-igniting old ones, starting a new business or an encore career, learning new skills or giving back to the community – the fifties are truly a stage in life for finding fulfillment.

Apart from that, the fifties are also a time to pay closer attention to health as any signs of aging and decline will be more pronounced. A great way to address this without causing any further damage to a body already burdened by half a century of work is to utilize the natural revitalization powers of nature!

Nature-based products contain no toxic chemical ingredients that are usually found in commercial products. Besides that, they are packed with vitamins and potent nutrients to rejuvenate cells and boost vitality. With that in mind, here are top tips that can help support our pioneers to achieve wellness beyond their fifties:

Skin & Hair Maintenance

As we age, fine lines and wrinkles become dramatically visible due to the loss of muscle, bone and fat under the skin. Changes in collagen and elastin in skin, as well as decreases in natural oil production exacerbates the condition further. The following essential oils and essential oil infused products can help to combat aging skin:

Wellness Beyond 50- Tips to Maintain Health & Fight Aging Naturally


  • Rosemary essential oil: A popular essential oil in skin and hair care products, rosemary aids in the appearance of healthy-looking skin and hair.


  • Progessence Plus: Specially formulated for women, this Young Living product is a careful balance of high quality wild yam extract and vitamin E that supports healthy-looking skin. Pure Frankincense, bergamot, and peppermint essential oils infused in the serum enhance moisture absorption through the skin to smoothen the appearance of fine lines.


  • Boswellia™ Wrinkle Cream: Essential oils geranium, myrrh, sandalwood, and ylang ylang soothe and soften the skin, while frankincense

Mental Clarity

Cognitive decline becomes prevalent especially after the fifties; however, the good news is there are ways to influence the downturn for the better with proper diet, health habits and these natural products:

Wellness Beyond 50- Tips to Maintain Health & Fight Aging Naturally

  • Cedarwood: This essential oil contains sesquiterpenes which supports healthy brain and memory function. An added benefit: its powerful scent creates a relaxing, calming and comforting atmosphere when diffused.
  • Brain Power™ essential oil blend: Oils high in sesquiterpenes like sandalwood and cedarwood are included in this Young Living essential oil blend created to clarify thought and support greater focus.

Bone Health

The effects of aging and inactivity are especially demanding on bones and joints due to the wearing down of cartilage, loss of lubricating joint fluid and weaker muscles. Strategies to keep joints healthy and flexible include exercise, a high-quality diet and a powerful joint-support supplement like Young Living’s BLM™ Capsules.

Wellness Beyond 50- Tips to Maintain Health & Fight Aging Naturally

  • BLM Capsules: This formula combines powerful all-natural ingredients like type II collagen, MSM, glucosamine sulfate and manganese citrate to encourage joint health and fluid movement. It is fortified with Idaho Balsam Fir, wintergreen and clove essential oils to further support healthy cell function.

Overall Balance & Wellness

A strengthened body and immune system can help decrease the damaging effects of aging. Here are top products to do just that.

Wellness Beyond 50- Tips to Maintain Health & Fight Aging Naturally

  • Myrtle essential oil: Myrtle has a clear, fresh, herbaceous scent, similar to eucalyptus. Supportive of the respiratory system, skin, and hair, it has been researched for its effects on glandular imbalances and its soothing effects when inhaled. It is also great in normalizing hormonal imbalances of the thyroid and ovaries, as well as balancing the hypothyroid.


Our pioneer generation has given us their all in order to bring to us the life that we enjoy today. Take this opportunity to thank them by supporting their wellness so that they can continue to pursue their motivations in life and achieve a better quality of life with health and happiness, naturally.



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