Up-and-Coming Food Trends in Singapore

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Up-and-Coming Food Trends in Singapore

2017 isn’t over yet and there’s definitely still time to check out the year’s best food trends. After all, let’s not forget that tomorrow’s food trends are defined by today’s. With that in mind, here are some that shouldn’t be missed! 

Up-and-Coming Food Trends in Singapore

Poké bowls

Originally from Hawaii, but made famous by the U.S., Poké bowls have reached us here in Singapore! With an emphasis on fresh ingredients and balanced nutrition, traditional poke consists of fresh raw seafood, often tuna or octopus, mixed with soy sauce, green onions and sesame oil, served over rice. However, if that combination doesn’t float your boat, there are various restaurants across the city that serve up their own version of the guilt-free nutritious dish.

Poke Bowls

Food pop-ups

Along with the huge range of food festivals we’re lucky enough to enjoy, the hottest trend this year is for pop-up foodie events and temporary restaurants. There’s nothing for pulling in the crowds quite like unique dishes served for a limited time in a cool, temporary location – who can forget the awesome Pokemon Cafe that was housed in Everything With Fries in Bugis Junction earlier this year?!

Delivery-only kitchen

Healthy food right to you doorstep. In direct contrast to food pop-ups, which at least have a location, albeit temporary, delivery-only kitchens offer great food without the restaurant. Much like pop-up restaurants, delivery-only kitchens allow for restaurants to experiment with new and unique dishes. Independent chefs, as well as delivery services like Deliveroo, are also driving this shift towards enjoying quality food in the comfort of your own home.

Purple foods

While eating your greens might be hot this year, it’s actually purple that is the colour of 2017. Not only do purple foods such as beetroot, purple potatoes and acai berries add a beautiful splash of colour to your plate, they are also dense in nutrients and antioxidants, making them serious superfoods! The fact that purple foods are also just so

Purple foods
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Vegetables as the main ingredient

All-vegetable dishes should no longer be consigned to a side or an accompaniment to meat or seafood, but rather served as the main meal. With vegetables’ wide variety of flavours, textures and colours, restaurants like The Boneless Kitchen, Singapore’s first meatless Korean restaurant, are proving that veggies don’t have to be boring.

As well as vegetables as the main ingredient of a dish is one of the hottest food trends, it is indicative of restaurants in Singapore embracing sustainability and farming-to-table dining concepts.

Vietnamese BBQ

If vegetables don’t inspire you, fear not, meat is still a food trend for this year, thanks to the huge queues outside restaurant Lang Nuong Viet Nam, Singapore’s first Vietnamese barbeque joint.

Despite opening last year, people are still going crazy for its barbequed meat, cooked to perfection over charcoal, giving it that flame-grilled taste so unique to the famous Vietnamese street food. We predict that this is a trend that will run and run!

So, there are still a number of food trends left in Singapore for you to try this year, next year and beyond. Get out and there and explore the food scene in our amazing city!