Top 5 Asian Spots for Perfect Vacation Workouts

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Top 5 Asian Spots for Perfect Vacation Workouts–This is the perfect time to go to the beach and have those sexy tan lines. Oops! Wrong! This is the perfect time to go to the beach and redefine your physique and health with these amazing beach escapades. Surely, these will make you feel relaxed and fit at the same time! Visit Asia and be stunned by the amazing beaches that you should visit – strictly Instagram worthy.

Yeah, you read it right. You can travel across Asia and enjoy a variety of water workouts perfect for the adventurous you. But what is the relation of fitness and beaches?

We’re not good with rhyming words, but what we’re really good at is giving you the complete list of Asian beaches perfect for your ideal vacation sports. Now, that’s what we call a fun and active vacation!

Top 5 Asian Spots for Perfect Vacation Workouts

Standup Paddle Boarding – Lan Ha Bay Vietnam

Our first destination is the Lan Ha Bay in Vietnam which offers SUP as the main activity. Experience a whole day SUP adventure across hidden lagoons, archways, floating villages, and limestone caves that you’ll never forget. Of course, if you’re new to this, you shouldn’t be afraid since the entire SUP ride is guided. Book here for your next SUP sactivity.

SUP boarding for your health:

Like most of the water sports, having a whole day for SUP can reduce stress due to the water’s soothing sensation. Overall, you’ll increase your strength and endurance that will feel like a cardio workout on a low impact exercise. Since all you have to do is maintain your balance and paddle, it is unlikely that it’ll give you damaged ligaments and tendons. And since almost every muscle is used when paddle boarding; you can also consider it as a full body workout.

Surfing – Big Wave Bay Hong Kong

Highly regarded as a quiet and relaxing place, Big Wave Bay is popular to most of the windsurfers. The place is located at pleasing scenery in the eastern end of Hong Kong Island which is close to the Dragon’s Back hiking trail. There are also a variety of surfboards to rent if you don’t have one.

Surfing for your health:

As it is known to be effective in burning a massive amount of calorie, surfing is also good for you to develop an upper body strength, balance, and coordination throughout the activity. It is also a great alternative to workout and muscle strengthening. Apart from this, it improves you mental health and alertness which is vital whenever you surf.

Canoeing and Kayaking – Cagayan De Oro River Philippines

You will feel a different experience with Whitewater Kayaking in the Philippines. Unlike rafting, you can stay longer on some of the rapids location where you can paddle upstream. If you’re an outgoing person that loves to try out extreme activities, then this is for you.

Canoeing and kayaking for your health:

Since paddling burns up to 400 calories per hour, kayaking is the best fitness training for all types of people. All throughout the activity, almost all the muscles of your body are used, meaning it is a great workout alternative this vacation. Remarkably reported to reduce stress, this enjoyable activity can be both relaxing and challenging. Furthermore, it develops your strength as you require it to paddle across the current. To find the best kayaks, read the full info here.

Swimming – Pink Beach Comodo Lombok Indonesia

Our fourth destination is the Pink Beach in Indonesia, one of the seven beaches with pink sand around the world. Though some say the sand is red when viewed up close, it is actually a combination of both since the little pink or red particles are broken corals plus other organisms. You shouldn’t worry though, the sand will stay soft and not to the point that’ll hurt you. With that, it is no doubt one of the mesmerizing beaches that is perfect for swimming. Especially when the sea is calm, you can stay up close with the friendly fishes.

Swimming for your health:

Healthy heart and lungs? These are just a few of the benefits that swimming can do to you. You can also expect to develop muscle toning, enabling you to build endurance, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness. Like other water sports activities, swimming can give you an overall body workout since almost all of the muscles are used.

Snorkeling or Scuba Diving – Sipadan Island Malaysia

Our fifth and last destination is the Sipadan Island in Malaysia. With the amazingly clear water, tropical scenery, and a wide concentration of sea turtles? You can never ask for more as it is a shelter for various fishes and sea animals. Renowned as one of the beautiful diving spots in the world, Sipadan should be listed on your bucket list. You should hurry though because it is regulated to permit only 120 dives per day.

Snorkeling for your health:

Snorkeling also offers an overall health benefit especially it promotes slow breathing, which induces calmness in the whole body.  In the same way, scuba diving can improve your flexibility and strength as muscles work together when you swim against the current.

While there are various travelling agencies that offers a budget trip from Singapore to these top destination spots, it wouldn’t be taxing enough, especially if it’s on your mind and body.

Of course, we have to take a break every now and then, that’s where we’ll become more productive, less stressed and energized all over.