How do we strike a balance living in this hectic and stressful society?

Let’s define balance, shall we?

What’s balance? In Physics, Balance is the ability to maintain the body’s center of mass over its base of support. In clinical study, Balance is postural control which may be either predictive or reactive. So what’s balance to a layman? It’s about distributing weight evenly. Astrologically, the sign “Libra” is a scale. As a Libran, I signify balance, am I? I try to but I am not sure how my “signage” plays into my desire to live a balanced life, but I do know that the more balanced I feel, the more free I feel. Make sense?

So now you have sort of understood the meaning of Balance. How do you apply it in a society that we are living in?

Personally, Balance means getting a good grip of the various elements in my life. I do not allow my heart or mind to get pulled too hard in any direction. More often than not, I feel calm, grounded, clear-headed, and motivated. Really? Who am I kidding?!

Take for instance, Singapore. How do we strike a balance living in this hectic and stressful society? The answer lies in you. What do you want to focus on? Below are a few tips I find useful.

  1. Mind, Heart and Body

Being Positive and listen to your positive voice regularly. Being mindful of your thoughts before speech especially when you get angry. Nasty words can be hurtful even though you do not mean it but what’s said is said and you can’t take it back. It is the anger talking but less haste makes regrets.

Be open-minded and be receptive of new things.

  1. Being open with your heart in giving love versus receiving love.

Being kind to your body internally. Smoke less and drink less. Love your body and treat it with respect. Invest in your health.

  1. Work, Social, Family and Fun

Focus on working smart versus working hard. Push yourself to achieve goals by getting yourself out of your comfort zone. Do you have any social desire? Contribute your time to a charitable organization. Spend time with your family by fulfilling your family responsibilities. Allocate time for things you enjoy doing. Make sure you do not overdo it. It is helpful to check in with yourself to see if you feel balanced.

  1. Be Truthful

How Do We Strike A Balance Living In This Hectic & Stressful Society

Time some time to look at your current life, your state of mind, and how you are feeling. Be truthful with yourself and notice the areas of your life that you are neglecting.

  1. Be Mindful

Look at the Area of Focus previously mentioned. Which area do you focus more?

  1. Set Goals

Be Pragmatic on the goals that you set first. Take baby steps. Once you have accomplished a small goal. Go for the next one that is slightly more challenging. Once you have achieved every goal, reward yourself.

  1. Reflect

Ponder on the success versus on the failure. However, do not be conceited. Ponder on the right moves versus the wrong moves.

  1. Empower

Be kind to yourself. Balance won’t feel good if you are cruel to yourself in creating it. Do not beat yourself up if you don’t succeed instead reflect on the actions.

  1. Support

Connect to friends or family members who can give you the support you need. Share with the ones your journey towards creating a balanced lifestyle and progress. Get the friends or family whom you can trust and can help you challenge your inner demons, and celebrate your little accomplishments.

  1. Plan

It takes 21 days to change your habits, however, if you stay on track and focus right with an intentional process for three months, you will create new habits to enjoy a more balanced life going forward for LIFE!