Why Does Stress Make You Fat?

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Why does stress make you fat–We all know losing weight is dificult…very, very difficult. Not everyone packs on the pounds. Why do some people gain weight while others don’t?

Eating Your Way Through The Stress

Everyone knows there is a relationship between caloric intake and weight gain. This relationship gets a little more clouded by complexity when you examine the reasons for overeating. Overeating is a reaction to a number of life factors and nothing to do with hunger. Knowing those life factors can help you avoid falling victim to them.

Why Does Stress Make You Fat

Stress — especially chronic stress — has an impact on your body that is hard to see. It disturbs your blood sugar levels. It interrupts sleep. Both lead to an increase in hunger and using food as a means of comfort.

Vicious Cycle

Irregular blood sugar levels and disrupted sleep leads to more stress and (you guessed it) more eating and eventually, a measurable amount of weight gain.

This vicious cycle is crazy-mean. When the body is under unrelenting stress and food is eaten, blood sugar levels are not able to easily return to their normal state. Instead of taking a few hours, a stressed body takes several before it can get a grip on its blood sugars.

WHILE this is happening, the body programming gets confused. Thinking it is under attack, it releases glucose. The glucose enters the bloodstream so your muscles can maintain a high level of energy. This would make sense if you were running for your life. When all you are trying to do is get through a rough week at the office, opportunities to burn the glucose your body is making don’t exist.

Now, because you are not burning the glucose by running a country mile, your pancreas is freaking out. It releases insulin to finally bring your blood sugar levels back to where they should be.

NOW your body alarm goes off. It tells you, “I am hungry!” And, you really are… like a person who has just run a marathon because your body thinks it has.

Stop the Stress

There are a lot of articles, conferences, and books out there about stress. That is because stress is no joke. It is vital to take stress seriously.

How do you take stress seriously? Well, the best way to begin introducing a variety of methods into your daily and weekly routine that increase body awareness and relaxation. Avoiding workplace stress   is easier than you think.

Breathing techniques and meditation are just two small steps that make a world of difference. Add yoga, swimming or any other physical activity to them to give your glucose muscles to work with.

Getting a Good Night of Sleep

Sleep is essential. There are super simple things you can do to decrease stress while sleeping, beginning with sleeping naked.   To further your understanding about sleep, read about sleep treads that explore new ways sleep is being approached in the workplace and beyond.