Stop, Drop & Yoga Now with 5 Apps

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Easily schedule yoga stretches into your day with these apps, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert yogi.

Too busy to attend yoga lessons but would still like to start stretching? We have technology to the rescue! In this tech-savvy era, almost every Singaporean has a smart hand phone or tablet with apps for almost every task you can imagine—games, productivity, chatting. Why not one that reminds you to stop, drop, and yoga?

Stretching at least six times a week helps relieve tension in the muscles, improves body posture, and improves the spirit and mood. No matter how tired you feel, you will instantly feel better after a stretch. We found five apps that can quickly get you into the yoga groove.

Citing lack of time for exercising is no longer an excuse with the Daily Yoga. This free app has a database of 500 yoga poses, and all practices are under 45-minutes. For the yogi on a tight schedule, you are able to find poses that train your strength or assist in weight management. You will also be able to connect with other yogis globally, so that you can inspire and motivate each other.

With 65 video classes categorised by difficulty level, there is something for everyone at Yoga Studio (S$5.98). Schedule the lessons into your personal calendar and you will always have time for a yoga session. Feel like you need Gentle Bones or The Sam Willows to accompany you as you move? Just play your selected tunes from iTunes on iOS through the app!

Stop, Drop & Yoga Now with 5 Apps

Yoga newbies will dig the Pose Dictionary function of Pocket Yoga (S$4.48)—it contains detailed explanations of how to achieve each posture correctly, and what are their benefits. There are 27 lessons of varying difficulty and duration to choose from. The app also keeps track of your heart rate and calories burned for each session.

Bid goodbye to stiff necks and hunched backs, a result of desk bound jobs, with mini yoga lessons by Salute the Desk (S$4.48). If offers 27 yoga poses and guided relaxation sessions, designed by a qualified yoga, tai chi and qigong instructor who understands the importance of releasing stress and tension in the body. You will be able to track your progress, to see which body areas you have stretched, and also plan ahead and set reminders to practice.

For those who become bored easily from repetitive workouts, Down Dog keeps things fresh by presenting you with a brand new sequence each time you open the app. Suitable for all levels, the app allows you to decide how long you want the session to last, and also to create your own playlist. The basic app is free, with a premium option at US$2.99 a month.

These apps are fantastic for those working desk bound jobs or who have flexible schedules. Being able to schedule workout times and choosing movements according to your competency level enables you to keep up with your workout and helps you to improve your range of movement.