How Spirituality Can Improve Mental Health

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How Spirituality Can Improve Mental Health

Spirituality has played a crucial role throughout the history of humanity and its main goal has always been focused on resetting the mind and the body. In Asia, spirituality encourages a holistic lifestyle but despite its positive effects on mental health, it has been neglected by many healthcare professionals. Experts note that neglecting its potential sets back progress made in mental health awareness and care in the region.

Based on the Singapore Mental Health Study in 2010, mental disorders in Singapore affect 12% of the population which translates to 1 in 8 individuals. According to the Institute on Mental Health, the most prevalent mental disorders in the country includes Alcohol Abuse, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder.

How Spirituality Can Improve Mental Health

In South Asia, many suicide-related deaths are caused by mental ailments. Other parts of the region are also dealing with the same problem. In fact, the World Health Organization says that over 450 million people in Asia have been diagnosed with mental ailments and that they are a major cause of disability.

How spirituality can help people with mental health issues

Spirituality has the power to connect individuals to something bigger than themselves and because of this experience, it can lead to better mental health. While the impact of spirituality on mental health is often considered modest, it has been clinically proven to have positive effects on people diagnosed with mental ailments. A link between well-being and happiness has been found in several studies. However, it is noted that connecting to the world on a spiritual level needs work and self-exploration.

Tarot is one way to improve this connection, according to experts in the field. This ancient art dating back to the 1400s teaches practitioners about self-discovery and awareness. Psychologists often employ these same elements to improve the well-being of their patients because it makes it possible for them to find the root cause of the problem. While going to a psychologist is always a good thing, other techniques such as meditation can also aid in self-discovery.

Mind over matter

Although persons with mental health disorders are aware of their symptoms, being in tune with their mind and body is a rare occurrence. In fact, living with a mental ailment makes it difficult to relax and much more challenging to stop psychosis, hallucinations, and depression. However, there is good news.

The mind is very powerful and it can command the body in more ways than one. Practitioners of meditation techniques such as yoga note that once a person discovers ways to relax, he or she will be able to curb anxiety, depression, and other symptoms. Ayurveda and tarot have also been proven to be quite effective in improving mental health.

By Jenny Eagle