Show of Strength! Federation of Bodybuilding!

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he Singaporean Federation of Body Building and Fitness or SFBF is inviting everyone to come and join them this October 7, 2017,  in their upcoming fitness event – The Show of Strength

Show of Strength! Federation of Bodybuilding!–July has been amazing for us, though hectic as we are preparing for our exciting yoga retreat, we are still excited of  the new events, functional active wears, energizing foods, and wait.. edible sunblock? that we are happy to announce this July. And we have rounded it all up in this July roundups to share with you. 

Show of Strength! Federation of Bodybuilding!

1. The Show of Strength 2017

The Singaporean Federation of Body Building and Fitness or SFBF is inviting everyone to come and join them this October 7, 2017,  in their upcoming fitness event – The Show of Strength. However, this event is not only for physically active people who are looking for opportunities in international competitions but for everyone who is interested in health and wellness.

Not to mention, international IFBB Superstars Arnold Classic and Denis Wolf will be there to conduct posing and judging seminar. There will also be local well-known athletes in attendance such as IFBB Pro Joan Liew and Augustine Lee, a multiple Asian Champion.

Activities will include the following:

  • talks pertaining to nutrition and exercise
  • exhibition areas showcasing products and services that promote health, wellness and strength
  • stage contests for bikini, figure, physique, etc. that are judged by an independent panel of IFBB qualified judges.
  • the appearance of International Super Star guests includes IFBB Pro and Arnold Classic Asia Champion 2014, Dennis Wolf, top 5 athletes in the world. IFBB Pro & Ms Olympia Juliette Bergmann from Netherlands will be the Head Judge.
  • activity areas to engage show attendees on various strength and training methodologies that include Yoga, Pilates, Functional Training, Powerlifting, Pole Dancing, HIIT, Arm Wrestling, Meditation, etc.

Aspiring Athletes in Southeast Asia and show attendees who are interested in overall health and wellness are strongly encouraged to register early. For more information about The Show of Strength 2017, visit:

2. Lorna Jane’s Power Shape Ankle Biter with phone pockets

Every woman knows how hard it is to find clothes with actual, functioning pockets, let alone activewear with pockets! Fear not, your days of putting your phone on the dirty gym floor or in an armband are over.

This September, Lorna Jane will be releasing the Power Shape Ankle Biter with phone pockets! It’s even got an anti-slip silicon grip so you can move freely without any worries. And true to Lorna Jane’s vision, this pair of tights does not compromise style for function. So watch out this September!

3. YOLO’s Healthy Build Your Own (BYO) Meals

YOLO, a healthy takeout outlet, brings a fresh new experience to healthy eating with the launch of its personalised daily meal plan services. With over 40 combo meals to choose from, sneak in a couple more hours of fun and rest, and let YOLO take care of your nutritional needs with warm, hearty and delicious meals, served fresh daily.

You can calculate your required daily calorie intake using the calorie calculator on YOLO’s website, and choose from the range of daily combos available. Starting at $19.80, each combo includes a lunch and dinner set of your choice from YOLO’s range of signature dishes and BYO (Build Your Own), as well as healthy snacks to fill you up through the day. Truly affordable and healthy

4. Helocare Oral and Fernblock

Blocking up against the harmful effects of UV rays can now be done orally. Yes! You can now eat your sunblock!

Classified by Health Sciences Authority (HSA) as a health supplement and widely recommended by dermatologist, doctors and plastic surgeons, Heliocare Oral is developed with the main active ingredient, Fernblock®, 100% herbal with no chemicals added.

Unprotected sun exposure can lead to various skin problems such as hyperpigmentation, photo-ageing, cellular DNA damage, sunburn, and even skin cancer. Oral sunblock protects one from harmful UV rays from within and helps cover areas that topical sunblock does not reach. To maximize the protection against harmful UV rays, Heliocare recommends consuming oral sunblock along with the application of topical sunblock.

You can purchase Helocare at their physical stores like Selected Metro, Robinsons, Guardian, Watsons, Unity and hospital pharmacies or online through Heliocare Online Store (

5. Orbis Kirei Charge Bar

ORBIS introduces a tasty energy bar that provides rich nutritional benefits to achieve beautiful skin and an enriched body system, with the added convenience for people with hectic lifestyles.

Developed for hardworking women who strive to stay fit and fab despite their busy schedules, the ORBIS Kirei Charge Bar is a wholesome combination of healthy and tasty – a snack filled with superfoods such as quinoa, chia seeds, dried fruits, walnuts that are famously known to be good for the mind, body and soul.

Aside from the original, the Kirei Charge Bar also comes in a limited edition fruity flavoured Red Fruit Mix. The bars are available at S$25.00 for 7 bars/set, and S$4.00 per bar.

The Kirei Charge Bar can be found at all ORBIS boutiques, counters and online store ( from 21 July 2017 onwards.