The Secret to Turn Dreams into Reality

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The Secret to Turn Dreams into Reality–How do some people effortlessly turn dreams into reality? There are two simple tips that everyone should know of.

Have you had a moment where you suddenly realize that something momentous has happened, something so big that you’ve to take a step back to actually get a better view of it? A moment where you gasp and ask of yourself with astonishment, ‘Is this actually happening? Is this for real?’ It’s the point where you realize that a dream has just come true.

The Secret to Turn Dreams into Reality–Dreams really do come true.

Sometimes it’s almost effortless, and at other times, we have to really prove that we want it.

Some things are just meant to be and granted as if taken off a menu. ‘Hello, Universe, could I please have the tall man with the large, doe-like eyes, and funny sense of humour, who just happens to be my boss?’ I asked as a 23-year-old infatuated assistant at an elevator factory.

The Secret to Turn Dreams into Reality

‘Why yes,’ replied the Universe. ‘Just work really hard and crack jokes around him, and when it’s the third week of your work stint, offer to buy him two tequilas at the office party, and you’ll be engaged a week after that.’ Married two years later, still together 18 years on.

Believe in the dream and in yourself.

Some things take harder work, extensive time, and involve sacrifice. For example, it was of utmost importance to provide my daughters with a stable upbringing and to make sure they enjoy long-term relationships with their school and social environment.

Turning down expat package offers abroad for three years just to extend their time at a school, which we felt was the best environment for them, came at a cost.

However, on the day my first daughter graduated from high school, as I watched her with her entire cohort, singing along to the same tunes, arms linked in a large circle, taking turns to do their dance moves inside the circle, laughing together, speaking a common language, excited about their move to high school as a team–that made it all worthwhile, and I knew it down to the smallest of my bones, that we had made the right decision. A dream had been achieved.

I remember crystal clear the day I told my parents I was quitting a career in human rights, and taking up the study of massage instead. You can believe that they saw my Masters Degree in International Relations and years of experience in charitable work flashing past. I’d to believe so firmly in myself, without even having many clues of what I was doing. I just knew that I’d to do that, and I believed that one day the pieces would come together. It took eight years, but everything did come together and now my parents are so proud of my skills in holistic healing and plant-based cuisine. They see my grander vision as well.

An example of the kind of dreams that are longer term: my husband and I went to Bali for the first time in 2001. It was love at first sight, and we’ve since gone back close to 20 times. We visited the Green School six years ago and it was to be a flash from the skies: this is where my daughters need to be. It wasn’t an easy decision to make.

For six years, we hashed over the pros and cons of a move to Bali, and it never ended up feeling right. Repeatedly, we went to visit the Green School, each time leaving more enamoured by it. Finally, when I was in New York in September 2016, a conversation began with my family, and we decided—just like that—to move to Bali.

In a short period of time, with an intense effort from my husband, the girls were enrolled at the Green School, we rented a house, and are in talks for managing a restaurant and organizing retreats at an adjoining centre.

Having my own retreat centre has been a decade-long dream of mine. One that everyone who knows me, knows I hold. Living by the ocean has been a desire that my husband Arttu and I have shared since we met. Arttu has a passion for mountain and road biking, and opportunities are opening up for him as an entrepreneur.

Could it be, that multiple dreams are coming true in one go? Yes! I am shaking in my body as I think about this phase of manifestation. Each day is closer to the dream. The retreat centre will not be my own, but it is a step in the right direction.

by Pauliina Salmenhaara