Review: Skin Renewal with Nu-Factor Skincare Range

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By Ena Teo – Enabalista

I’ve been using Nu-Factor’s skincare range for almost a month now and it’s time for a review! For the uninitiated, Nu-Factor’s skincare range is made in Singapore by a R&D company who believes in 100% natural ingredients.

Andrew Szalay, the Founder of Grow Company USA, the world’s premier manufacturer of nutrients and cosmetics ingredients, discovered that every nutrient required its own unique peptide in order for it to be absorbed through the cell wall of the appropriate bio-carrier. It took much perseverance through trial and error before the right peptide sequence was discovered for each specific nutrient. Hence, the Nu-factor® process utilises nature to grow concentrated, natural, and complete nutrients in food form – a form your body recognises and appreciates. Szalay says, “The investment in time and effort was well worth it as it birthed a whole new way of producing vitamins and minerals that are natural, highly concentrated, and vastly superior.” To find out even more about the technology used, visit:

Review Skin Renewal with Nu-Factor Skincare Range

I had the pleasure to try out this Nu Factor’s skincare range that consists of these 5 products: Essential Cleanser ($55), Essential Toner ($76), Day Essential ($95), Night Essential ($95) & Essential Renewal ($95).

Nu-Factor Essential Cleanser

My favourite product of the range! This facial cleanser pleasantly surprised me because it reminds me of Chanel’s Le Blanc Intense Brightening Foam Cleanser, it smells very fragrant and gives you a clear and fairer effect after using it. I feel that this facial cleanser is very effective in removing the dead skin built up on my forehead to give me an overall even skin tone.

Nu Factor Essential Toner

This is the product within this range that I feel has a lot of room for improvement. I had a hard time using this product at first because it had a very strong scent, like manly cologne, that I could not fathom why. However, after about a week of usage, the scent became less obvious and I also became accustomed to the scent. When I overcame the problem with the scent, I started to realise that this toner has an astringent effect on the skin, so that it feels tighter.

Nu-Factor’s Day Essential

This day moisturiser is a light white cream with a light fragrance. I was initially a little hesitant to use it on my combination skin but after a few times I realised that it was not too heavy for my skin and it helped to keep my skin moisturised throughout the day.

Nu-Factor’s Night Essential

This is a night cream which is slightly heavier than the day cream. Again, I had the same concerns for using this on my combination skin but it was not an issue at all. Both the day and night cream helps to keep my skin moisturised and matte-looking after application.

Nu-Factor’s Essential Renewal

I applied this on my neck and jawline during the first few applications as I wanted to ensure this anti-aging wrinkle corrector serum wouldn’t make me break out. I am happy to report that this is a very lightweight serum and I’ve used it generously on my face. However, as I have thankfully yet to develop wrinkles, I cannot attest if it will correct wrinkles, but I do recommend this as a light weight serum to correct wrinkles and for me, hopefully prevent wrinkles!

After about 1 month of using this range of products, the Nu-Factor Essential Cleanser is my favourite and I highly recommend using it to effectively remove the build up of dead skin cells and for an overall even face tone.

Thank you intheLoop and Nu-Factor Singapore for the products for review.