You might be most familiar with Tracy Phillips as a resident DJ on Lush 99.5’s The Lush Life, where she touches upon daily antidotes on fashion, lifestyle and culture from Monday to Friday. But Tracy has much more to her name: she was at the helm of Zouk’s marketing team for over 10 years,  she opened a lifestyle and café, A Curious Teepee. Currently, she heads a creative consultancy known as Present Purpose and her own blog, The Present Purpose. We managed to chat with Tracy on her daily fitness regime, her thoughts on the latest fitness apparels and of course, music!

Not All Lush: Radio DJ Tracy Phillips Dishes on Fitness Regimes, Fashion and Music

Being a person with a busy schedule (a host at Lush 99.5FM and Director at Present Purpose), how do you find the time to keep fit ? 

It’s challenging, you really do have to make the time. I’ll admit I’m not the most disciplined when it comes to fitness which is why I do classes or have a personal instructor because I know I’d never exercise on my own.

We hear that you do cycle and jog, even kickboxing. Do you intend to learn new forms of exercises this year?I f so, what will they be or what are your plans? If not, what do you think of the new trends in fitness like bootcamps and personal trainings (that ez- fit offers) nowadays? 

I like trying new things and it’s good content for my radio show too and, if I come across something interesting that I think people would like to try. This year I’ve committed to go back to yoga at least twice a week.

I like the high intenstiy workouts like Ritual and bootcamps because their time commitment is shorter, packing in a good workout into 20 to 40 minutes. And they go so quick that you don’t have time to think about how much you’re suffering. Personal training of course is the best type of workout if you can afford it because it’s personalised and you can set specific goals.

Do you think bootcamps or group exercises can be more motivational than 1-on-1 training? 

I think both formats are motivational, whether it’s from the energy of the other people in class or directed by your trainer. Group classes mean you can workout with friends though, which can be another way to commit to exercising since you can encourage each other.

Not All Lush: Radio DJ Tracy Phillips Dishes on Fitness Regimes, Fashion and Music

We know that routine exercises or regimes can get boring and less motivating. How do you think ez- fit’s creative exercises will help you and others gain a new  insight towards what working out is about and even, start to love working out? 

Every time I trained with my trainer, Vanan, the workout was different so he obviously puts a lot of effort into keeping things fresh and interesting. I never felt bored. He was also able to determine why I’ve been having knee issues and suggest corrective exercises to strengthen the relating muscles.

Not All Lush: Radio DJ Tracy Phillips Dishes on Fitness Regimes, Fashion and Music

What do you think will be the trend in fitness outfits this year? 

There’s already a lot of crossover with fashion and sportwear, from both directions. I like that more workout gears are getting more appropriate for wearing outside of the gym too, it means not having to change after after class to head home.

Comfort VS Fashion- what do you go for when you purchase any fitness apparel? 

Quick-drying, good fit, comfortable and lasting are all key factors when purchasing workout wear.

Not All Lush: Radio DJ Tracy Phillips Dishes on Fitness Regimes, Fashion and Music

Knowing that you love electronic music, do you listen to them when you work out? Do you think listening to music helps you in working out? 

I think music is a big part of people’s workout, especially if you’re working out alone. Personally, if I jog on a treadmill with my ipod I could easily run for double the time. And I’m more likely to go for a certain class when the teacher has a good playlist.

Any fitness enthusiasts or quotes that inspire you?

Just do it!