Pole Dance Your Way to a Fit and Toned Body

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Pole Dance Your Way to a Fit and Toned Body–If you have forgotten abou this fitness possibility, it is time to recharge your memory. How does twirling around a pole help you tone the body and stay fit? Find out how pole dancing achieves this and does it more than other cardiovascular and workout activities available.

Pole dancing is a hobby reserved only for the strip club—well, that may not be the case in recent years, as more women are choosing to learn how to pole dance. In Singapore, many Singaporean females have gone against social norms by picking up pole dancing as a fitness regime. It is being touted as an intense, full body, cardiovascular and fitness workout. So what exactly do females do in a pole dancing class that helps them keep their body toned and fit?

It looks easy enough—swing yourself around a pole while making it look sensual and effortless as you do it. However, it is not as simple as that.

Pole Dance Your Way to a Fit and Toned Body

Those new to pole dancing struggle because it requires a strong arm, core and thigh muscles. Strength in these muscles is necessary to execute the splits and pirouettes that are performed in mid-air, as well as sliding down the pole gracefully. Veteran pole dancers display a level of strength, flexibility and stamina that will have you dropping your jaw.

With this focus on building strength, pole dancing is actually a very good conditioning workout for females who are intending to become mothers. The routines engage the core and back muscles frequently, and in the process makes them stronger. This helps with bearing the weight of the growing bump during pregnancy.

Sure, an hour’s worth of aerobics class would probably burn 50 calories more than an hour of beginner’s pole dancing. However, with the latter, you are given more room to manoeuvre as you will be doing turns and twirls around the pole. Think of it as doing graceful dance movements centred around a pole. In the process, you develop kinesthetic awareness, making you more aware of your surroundings and thus reduces the likelihood of you falling or knocking things over.

Dancing Around a Pole

Pole dancing is as much a form of art as it is a sport. If you’ve been indulging in sinful food, be prepared to face the music. Literally, you will have to move to the music and express your emotions to the dance routine. Pole dancers are not only expected to perform acrobatic movements with the pole, they have to be in sync with the music. The longer you train, the better your musicality becomes. And if you’re easily bored by monotonous cardio activities like running and jogging, pole dancing will be an exciting challenge that you can strive to master.

The biggest thing that makes pole dancing different from other workouts is the personal challenge that it poses to people—to overcome personal inhibitions about sexuality, self-confidence, and self-awareness. Females can achieve all these in a safe environment during a pole dancing lessons. It encourages them to get in touch with their emotions and express them confidently, together with fellow members of the class. After a few lessons, you emerge stronger, more confident, and more appreciative of your body and personality.

Pole dancing is not merely a fitness activity, nor is it relegated to the realm of sleazy. It’s a combination of sport, dance and art. Look beyond the existing stereotypes and you may find that professional pole dancers might just take inspire you to shape up.