Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in the body? How much attention then do we pay to keeping our skin healthy, strong and beautiful? Possibly not as much as we should: as many as 53% of women in Singapore feel they have sensitive skin. Thankfully for most of us, this is easily remedied.

The first step to combating skin dryness and sensitivity would be to restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier that keeps irritants from penetrating the skin layer.

However, the trouble would be to select an appropriate range of skincare. Not all moisturisers are created equal! There are simply too many products out there that claim to moisturise, but end up as a gloppy mess on the skin. Many products are also infused with perfumes and chemicals that may be fine for the regular user, but prove unhelpful for those with sensitive skin.

Fortunately, there are indeed brands that we can trust. Physiogel is an excellent brand of skincare that formulates its products based on rigorous scientific research backed by Stiefel Skin Science Solutions. Physiogel has come up with a comprehensive range of moisturisers and cleansers specifically designed for those with dry and sensitive skin.

These products contain cutting edge science in their formulation, which is the Physiogel BioMimic TechnologyTM (formerly known as Derma Membrane Structure – DMS- Technology). This advanced technology accelerates dry skin repair by mimicking the natural processes of the skin. Physiogel’s moisturising creams and lotions also contain no preservatives, perfumes or colorants that might trigger allergies or sensitivities, creating a better experience for those who have such skin conditions.

Daily Moisture Therapy Cleansing Range

Paving the Way to healthy Skincare with Physiogel

Daily Moisture Therapy Cream

The Daily Moisture Therapy Cream is a rich formula that helps to restore the moisture content and elasticity of the skin. Packaged in a conveniently sized tube, it is easy to take this on the go for days when the air conditioning in the office proves to be too drying for the skin. The skin definitely feels comfortable after application, without any greasiness. In my opinion, there is a slight stickiness after application, however this goes away after a few minutes, leaving a long lasting moisture barrier on the skin.

Paving the Way to healthy Skincare with Physiogel

Daily Moisture Therapy Body Lotion

The Daily Moisture Therapy Body Lotion is similar in formulation to the Daily Moisture Therapy Cream, but comes in a more lightweight texture suitable for full body application. The 400ml Lotion comes in a fuss free pump bottle that dispenses the lotion easily, and I have incorporated this into my ‘before bedtime’ skincare routine. I feel that the lotion absorbs quickly into the skin, allowing you to go to sleep and wake up with gently moisturised skin.

Paving the Way to healthy Skincare with Physiogel

Daily Moisture Therapy Intensive Cream

The rich creamy texture of the Daily Moisture Therapy Intensive Cream provides relief to dry, itchy or sensitive skin. It is suitable for very dry skin. It can be useful for providing intensive moisturisation to thicker layers of skin as well, such as the knees, elbows or feet. 

Cleansing Range

Paving the Way to healthy Skincare with Physiogel

Daily Moisture Therapy Dermo-Cleanser

In terms of texture, I feel that The Physiogel Dermo-Cleanser is partly between an emulsion and a gel, with a very lightweight texture. Very soft to the touch, it is non-sticky and glides smoothly over the skin, making it highly suitable for soothing dry and sensitive skin. The highlight of the Dermo-Cleanser is that it is soap free and washes off easily without a need for rubbing the skin. It is also pH balanced to prevent potential irritation. I personally enjoyed this very much because of its comforting texture that felt refreshing and invigorating, whilst leaving my skin soft.

Paving the Way to healthy Skincare with Physiogel

Daily Moisture Therapy Shower Cream

The Shower Cream is a translucent creamy liquid that moisturises while it cleanses at the same time. It is a very mild and gentle creamy cleanser that leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth after use. This cleanser lathers easily and washed off my skin gently, leaving me with the afterglow of luxuriously moisturised and cleansed skin.

Scalp Care

Paving the Way to healthy Skincare with Physiogel

2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

I am usually sceptical of the efficacy of 2-in-1 products, hence I put this one to a tough test. Coming home from the office with hairspray in my hair, I decided to wash my hair directly using the 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner instead of first softening the hairspray with leave-in conditioner. Under usual circumstances, this would have left my hair and scalp feeling rather dry. However, I am pleased to say that the moisturising properties of this 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner are indeed admirable, and decently cleansed my hair and scalp without leaving it dry as grass. This is definitely a viable quality alternative for those who are looking for something easy to use.

With such a wide range of products that specially look after sensitive skin, there is simply no reason for letting skin sensitivity stop you from achieving your goals. Whatever your dream, Physiogel sets you free from sensitive skin to achieve them unhindered by sensitive skin! If you can’t quite put your finger on what goals you want to achieve, we invite you to find out more about your preferences with the Physiogel free my skin quiz here.

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1This percentage is based on the 2014 Nielsen Omnibus Study.

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