Eating fresh organic vegetables daily in Jakarta becomes a breeze when they are delivered to your home. Find out about the organic vegetable farms in and near the city, and how to order your own basket.

Farms that Grow Vegetables and Bring them to you

Organic Vegetable Farms in Jakarta with Home Delivery Service–So you have decided to add more organic fruits and vegetables to your meals, for your own health and also for keeping the environment green. Welcome to the club! However, what if the supermarkets that sell organic vegetables are far from your residence. Have no fear, there are organic vegetable farms in Jakarta that will deliver fruits and vegetables to your doorstep.

Organic Vegetable Farms in Jakarta with Home Delivery Service

Yayasan Usaha Mulia or YUM Organic Farm

West Java Farming Community with a Mission

Yayasan Usaha Mulia or YUM Organic Farm has been farming organically since 2009. The farm produces many varieties of eco-friendly vegetables. Located in Cipanas, West Java, about a two to three-hour drive from Jakarta city, the farm enjoys a cooler climate, so their vegetables have an exceptional freshness to them. Each week, they provide a mixed variety basket of seasonal produce, that can be delivered to you. You can have the vegetables delivered to you every week. As the farm is not far from Jakarta, you can take your children here to learn how to grow healthy organic vegetables and also learn about being responsible for our earth. YUM itself is a foundation that endorses healthy eating and environmental sustainability; by purchasing vegetables from its farm, you are also helping to create healthier rural communities.

Jl. Mariwati, Kp. Sindang Layung Rt. 06/02, Desa Cibadak Kecamatan Sukaresmi, Cipanas, Jawa Timur

Tel.: 0263514805

Organic Vegetable Farms in Jakarta with Home Delivery Service

Green Initiative Foundation

Green Initiative Foundation is an Indonesian based NGO that runs community-based conservation projects. One of which is an organic vegetable delivery service that encourages reforestation and environmental protection, as well as building a farming community. This project happens at their vegetable farm in Sarongge near Gunung Gede, which is a three-hour drive from Jakarta city. The freshly harvested fruits and vegetables are delivered to your address every Wednesday, in basket sizes of small for one to two persons at IDR70.000,00; medium for two to three persons at IDR90.000,00, and large for three to five persons at IDR120.000,00.

Jl Utan Kayu Raya No. 68D, Jakarta Timur

Tel.: 021 82561432

Organic Vegetable Farms in Jakarta with Home Delivery Service

FAM Organics

The name of FAM Organics is derived from the work-family because they believe that family is the first place where people should learn to live healthy and happy in their own homes. Founded in 2009, the farm grows super greens such as kale, herbs, microgreens, and sprouts. You can mix and match your own basket of fruit vegetables, but do check for availability first as everything is subject to the season.

Jl. Cilandak No. 8, Sarijadi, Bandung 40151

Tel.: 022/82027272

Organic Vegetable Farms in Jakarta with Home Delivery Service

FAM Organics

A relatively new player to the organic vegetable farm scene is Uncle Sam’s Organic – An Urban Aquaponics Farm. Founded in 2015, this urban farm uses aquaponics, which combines aquaculture with hydroponics—the vegetables rely on the fish for nutrients, and the fish rely on the plants for cleaning the water. This closed loop system means that the amount of water used is only 10 percent that of traditional soil farming, which is a huge saving. It also means that the farm cannot add any chemicals that will harm the fishes, which in turn affects the vegetable harvest.

The farm has successfully harvested various vegetables including kale, Malabar spinach, eggplant, tomato, bok choy, four different types of amaranth leaves, and chilli pepper. The farm also offers a Harvest to Table service; four times a week, freshly harvested vegetables are delivered within four to six hours to your home. By ordering from a farm within Jakarta city, you cut down on the distance that it takes for food to travel from the farm to your home and this reduces carbon dioxide emissions that are harmful to the environment.

Jl. Parang Tritis Raya No. 8, Ancol Barat, Jakarta Utara

Tel.: 08159651984

These four local organic vegetable farms in and around Jakarta gives those of us living in the city convenience and ease of ordering and delivery. Not only are we feeding our body with the best vegetables available in our capital, we are also taking care of our earth and environment at the same time.