Off the beaten track, Philippines: Leisure Travelers Escape the City!

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Philippine adventure seeker destinations including Clark, Cebu and Davao.

Off the beaten track: Philippines: Leisure Travelers Escape the City!

Yes! You can have it (and you can have all of it). The wave of slum traveling to exotic destinations is as dead. The days when we all dove at the chance to gamble it all on adventures promised by a Lonely Planet lifestyle that required only a shoestring budget and guaranteed a dozen sleepless nights on non-traditional beds is over. What have they been replaced with? 

They have been replaced with exotic weekend travel adventures to lesser-known destinations. For some of us, these destinations are right around the corner. A short Friday night flight following work, you will find yourself between crisp, white sheets getting a glorious night’s sleep before waking to some hard to make decisions. Today do you prefer a rejuvenating spa, a historic tour, a mountain expedition?   

Off the beaten path no longer means, off the grid.

In the Philippines, Carlson Rezidor Hotel established itself amid the mix of adventure seeker destinations including Clark, Cebu and Davao. Whether you live in Asia and want a city escape or you are traveling from abroad, each of these lesser-known journeys is easier to access using Carlson Rezidor Hotels as your home base,

Jet to Clark Airport, Park Hill, Pampanga hotel is right by your side. If this is a weekend getaway, you will be happy the hotel is 8 easy kilometers away from where you can check in to one of the Hotel’s 154 rooms.

Off the beaten track, Philippines Leisure Travelers Escape the City!

Along with their selection of room, they have complimentary WIFI, on-site restaurant, business meeting rooms, and a gorgeous swimming pool. There is even nearby mall and Clark Freeport where Nayong Pilipino offers a breathtaking one of a kind theme park dedicated to recreations of natural sites.  

Head into the city of Angeles, it is brimming with culturally rich landscapes, play a round of golf, stroll through nature, and treat yourself to any one of many culinary treasures blowing foodies away. 25 Seeds offer food that is as interesting as their location — they have laid claim inside an ancestral house!  

A unique outdoor adventure is also awaiting you. Mt. Pinatubo tours allow you to explore the breathtaking Zambales Mountains where the air is fresh, the sky blue and the ride unforgettable.

Land in the lap of History & Luxury

An idyllic scene, Cebu City allures those visiting with historic details visible on the facade of many of its old churches. The best way to find your fluidity with this city is by situating yourself at its centre.

Get a five-star start. A room at the Radisson Blu Cebu puts you in walking distance from the outstretched arms of the Mactan Channel. The expansive spread of water offers vast views, pearl-white beaches, and is nearby endless options for shopping.

Infuse your weekend with the sense of timelessness, book yourself into the Radisson Blu Spa for relaxation and rejuvenation, it is reasonably priced and its effects long-lasting.  

From Island to Highland

Looking for a weekend destination that is diverse, daring, and dynamic? Look no further than, Davao City. Fly in and after you land, head straight to The Park Inn. You will not find a more strategic location to unwind before hitting the town in any and every direction.

The sky’s the limit. Or maybe we mean, the island? While Davao City is situated on an island, it is totally possible — and recommended — to head for the mountains. Take in the vistas, the flora, fauna and fun on your journey to the highlands.

There is plenty more. Davao City has some of the most exciting shopping. SM Lanang is a must. Immerse your weekend getaway by trying a few or all of our suggestions, you will return home, well rested, pockets overstuffed with vibrant memories, your budget intact.