Novita Lam’s Workout Music Playlist & Motivation

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Novita Lam’s Workout Music Playlist & Motivation–After gaining 7 kg in Shanghai last year, the DiscoverSG ambassador stays trim with weekly dosages of yoga and cardio. We ask Novita to share with us her workout secrets!

Currently, in her final year at NUS Business School, the former dancer took up yoga to enhance her core strength and flexibility. Every week, she mixes up her exercise routine with cardio such as jogging and swimming, before ending off each workout session with a trip to the sauna.

Novita Lam’s Workout Music Playlist & Motivation

What is on your workout music playlist?

For yoga, it really depends on my mood. Personally, I enjoy music that you can groove to while doing movements such as the sun salutation series. Favourite ones from the playlist include Just Like Fire by Pink, Be As You Are by Mike Posner and Return to Innocence by The Enigma.

What motivates you to workout, when you do not feel like it?

I must admit that initially, I exercised for aesthetic benefits i.e. looking good and fit. But after some time, the motivation has changed. Now, it’s more of a habit and commitment for me. The crazy rush I get after each good workout or yoga session motivates me the most, even during the busiest times. Exams are not a reason for me to miss the gym, because I try to be more productive after a great 30-minute workout!

School is no obstacle to fitness. Follow Novita on her journey at @novitalam