No More Food Coma: Stay Energized with Quinoa

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No More Food Coma: Stay Energized with Quinoa–Tired of energy crashes after a carb-loaded meal? Not all carbs are bad carbs. Quinoa is the food staple you need to stay active all day long!

Quinoa is a gluten-free, highly nutritious seed from a plant that runs in the same vegetable family as spinach and beetroot, thus making it a ‘good carbohydrate. It has an array of health benefits that make it a better substitute for bread, pasta, and rice. But one of quinoa’s most positive attributes is that it keeps you full and energized for an extensive period of time. Perfect for those with an active and busy lifestyle!

No More Food Coma Stay Energized with Quinoa

Bye Bye Food Comas

Quinoa takes longer to digest than other carbohydrates resulting in the slow and steady release of energy.

It is a food with a low glycemic index (GI), which is a measurement that indicates the impact of carbohydrates on one’s blood sugar levels. Low GI foods prevent our blood sugar levels from spiking and crashing because they take more time to go through our digestive system. This results in the slow release of glucose into our bloodstream and the long, steady release of energy from our body.

The fact that quinoa is high in both fibre and protein also aids in slowing down the process of its digestion. This contributes to quinoa’s low in GI factor and helps keep us feeling full longer!

Quinoa is especially good to eat for those looking to stay fit and active —busy-bodies, athletes, and super mums alike! You need the steady energy throughout the day that quinoa can give you!

Easy and Fast to Cook

Quinoa is as easy to cook as other carbohydrate staples like rice and pasta. You can either cook it in a pan over a stove, or throw it in a rice cooker. You’ve got yourself a meal in 15 minutes!

The main point to know when cooking quinoa is the amount of water to add. For every one cup of raw quinoa, you’ve to add two cups of water. The more water you add, the fluffier and softer your quinoa will be.

The Perfect Rice Substitute

Eat quinoa the same way you would rice. On its own, fried with veggies like fried rice, prepare it like a porridge, make the salad with it, pair it as a side with mains… the possibilities are endless!

All in all, eating quinoa helps to keep you lively from morning until night with a steady release of energy. So start eating quinoa, say goodbye to food coma, and say hello to a more active, healthier you!