Lucia Petroni

Lucia Petroni is armed with a passion for relationships in life and work, where professional and personal experiences intertwine to become one unique system at work. A long experience as a Product Manager for international brands and companies throughout Italy, Europe, USA and Asia, and a SICOOL Accredited Counsellor, Professional Trainer and Supervisor in holistic disciplines and human development. Directly trained by Bert Hellinger more than 15 years ago, Lucia now provides Systemic, Family and Organisational Constellations services to individuals and companies. Her studies and development in Regressions to Past Lives with Brian Weiss in USA gave life to her unique and novel Regressive Constellations work. She is also a Dentosophie Specialist for the interdisciplinary human being re-equilibrium, trained in France by Michel Montaud. Lucia is a proud mother of two children, with a passion for Orazio Costa’s ‘Mimic Method’, discovery travelling, Zen art.

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