Lighter Than Water: A Review of the Flaska Glass Bottle

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The Flaska glass bottle It’s a beautifully designed water bottle that seeks to improve your health; simply by changing the structure of water you drink. Nature’s fountain of youth placed in an eco-friendly glass bottle and wrapped in cork, designed in Slovenia and made in Italy. There wasn’t any second-guessing with my new water bottle was there?

The big plus point for me was the cork sleeve. The raw, organic feel and design appealed to the tree hugger in me. I was sold on the cork, versus the neoprene sleeves; also because I have sweaty palms and the cork material naturally provides good grip for me — especially where glass bottles are concerned. And neoprene reminds me of a salty diving wetsuit. The cap is also made from natural cork, but that comes with the Flaska cork sleeve option. The others use a cap made from Expancork: if it breaks, they will send you a free replacement — now we’re talking.

I like to measure the amount I drink a day or have a good reference, so the 750ml Flaska was my choice because it’s just easier to keep tabs on my consumption levels. It’s a slim bottle, feeling smaller to hold than the SIGGs or sports water bottles I’ve had before.

Lighter Than Water A Review of the Flaska Glass Bottle

Flaska Glass VS Aluminum

Flaska makes reusable bottles from glass. The benefit of using glass? For starters, it does not leak harmful substances into the water your drink. Aluminium water bottles came onto the marker in a big way, providing a better alternative to plastic. However, researchers tested bottles from SIGG and Nalgene and found they were leching high amounts of BPA. Glass offers a much safer, long-term option. Dr. Mercola covered key findings of this in his article More ‘Safe’ Water Bottles that are Actually Dangerous in a new tab)

The Dunk and the Dink

One feature I did like about the Flaska bottle was its thick glass. I tend to be a little rough when handling most of my other bottles. I admittedly was concerned about shattering the Flaska in a week initially. Much like my other bottles, I have them packed in the side of my bags. The Flaska has slipped out a couple of times while taking my bag off, a loud “Dunk” sound yet I couldn’t find cracks and all good. The rim of the bottle is significantly smaller than most aluminium bottles. I walk and drink and this led to me knocking it on my front teeth with a nice”Dink” sound, but not chipped teeth, all good. Initially, occasional self-reminders were in order to avoid the new narrower top, but it helped to control the flow of water from the bottle, which made sense.

Flaska “Change your water change your life”

Flaska endorses the benefits of drinking structured water to one’s health. The theory behind this is, that it is possible to change the structure of water by influencing it with emotion, intent, and energy. Since the human body has a constant vibration in all its cells, structured water can possibly influence overall health. The concept and link between water consciousness and emotions were made popular by now famous Dr. Masaru Emoto. “What the Bleep do we know” is a movie we highly recommend.

I did feel that the water tasted “lighter”. I thought it was more psychological than anything and I might have been influenced by reading the pre-article on it before getting the bottle. Having watched Dr. Masaru Emotos’ movie and research documentaries on The Memory of water (A good summary of both experts found on Ben Greenfield Fitness), I must have been somewhat influenced.

I’ve heard this several times with natural healers and practitioners “Change your water change your life”. Has it changed mine? Time will tell. In the meantime, I’ll be hydrating with the Flaska water bottle.