Kayaking helps to improve health and rediscover your inner self

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How kayaking helps to improve health and rediscover your inner self

The kayak was first invented by Aleut tribes of Arctic North America and the Inuit. In Europe, the kayak made its way in the 18th century and became very popular in sports, adventure and fishing.

What is kayak and what are its uses?

Kayak is a mode of transport that is used by the fisherman or rafters for recreational purpose, fishing, sports, family outing, etc. For many, kayak fishing became the main source of income, and it became an intrinsic part of their life to meet their family’s need. Well, there are traditional wooden boats available for fishing but, in this modern era, the kayak has become a paramount influence on fishing in the water. Interestingly, the kayak is not only limited to slow-moving rivers or lakes; but many advanced kayaks are now capable of stealing the stage in an ocean and fight the current with ease.

Moreover, various kayaking competitions are organized around the world that consists freestyle kayaking world championship, extreme kayaking competitions, etc.

The affordability and the flexibility of modern-day kayaks made it a very popular mode of transportation on water. For relaxing, fishing and recreation, the kayaks are the best vehicle. A rafter with basic knowledge of rafting can easily use a kayak. It also can be used for activities like family trips, photography, sightseeing, wild and water life observation, etc.

Kayaking helps to improve health and rediscover your inner self

Any form of sports has a positive influence on a person’s overall well-being, and so does kayaking. Kayaking has unimaginable positive effects on your health and mind. Exploring the nature with a kayak helps you to dig into your inner self and start afresh.

The Health Benefits of Kayaking

Kayaking is a very healthy sport and hobby because you use your entire body while using it on water. You use your muscles to keep yourself moving in the water; you use your back to keep balance, you use your legs to stay firm. Almost every part of your body is working simultaneously. Another fantastic benefit that kayaking brings is mental health. When you go kayaking, you feel connected to nature. Relaxation ensues, and even though your body is always working, you feel relaxed and happy.

Science has proven that people with joint pains and stiffness should start kayaking as it employs your entire body, especially your joints, in the act of paddling. Usually, when people are experiencing joint pains, they just want to lay down in bed and relax. However, this is probably the worst thing you can do because you aren’t lubricating your joints, which means that they will stay stiff. Sure, you will feel less pain, but it won’t go away unless you exercise and move your body – something kayaking offers.

There are many health benefits to kayaking, but we’ll mention some of the most important ones and the ones that give long-term effects.

Lowering Blood Pressure and blood sugar

Forget about taking medication long term! Kayaking will help lower your blood pressure if you keep doing it continuously! Regular kayaking helps to decrease the blood sugar level too.

Decreasing Cholesterol

If you’re worried about your cholesterol levels, kayaking is the perfect sport for you. Thanks to the constant work inside your body while you paddle, your cholesterol levels will drop to their normal values.

Decreasing Body Fat

As mentioned before, as long as your body is being active and working, you will be losing body fat and not only that! You will also beef up your muscles!

Decreasing Fatigue

This might seem counter-intuitive, but it’s true! Of course, it doesn’t mean you’ll never get tired, especially when you start kayaking. As you keep kayaking more and more, your fatigue will drop, and you will be able to stay active for much longer than before!

Weight Loss

Kayaking has been recommended as a weight loss program. Kayaking, coupled with a steady diet, will help you lose weight while simultaneously increasing your muscle mass and strength. Kayaking focuses on upper body strength because you use your arms and chest to paddle. You use your lower body to keep yourself stable inside the kayak. Wherever you have some stored fat, it will get burned up after some time.

Of course, kayaking isn’t solely enough to effectively help you lose weight because you’ll also need to take care of what you eat and drink.

Mental benefits of kayak help you to rediscover your inner self

Flexibility is the strength of kayak, and it allows you to explore some of the very rare places and tiny caves where you can find the actual peace of mind. Kayak does not create any external noise, and it does not affect the familiar tune of the environment. Kayak moves very slowly and steadily, and thus you can see fishes around the boat and can hear the bird whistles and the trees singing the song in the wind. It helps to reduce the stress on your mind and also contributes to relaxing and calm yourself down. It’s a form of medication and beneficial for your mental health. Kayak fishing is always a good idea to get out of the busy schedule and devote some time to the natural environment for your benefits.

Decreasing Anxiety and Depression – It has been proven multiple times that kayaking helps increase your mind’s cognitive functionalities. If you are sick and tired of people, taking some time off while kayaking will help you return to your normal state. The feeling of serenity during a kayaking trip is the most beautiful feeling which you’ll have in the sea, river, or lake.

Kayaking might be a sport to some people and a hobby to others, but the benefits are always the same. Whether you are alone or with friends, you will feel happy and relaxed. You will have a great time and remember each trip vividly. After a few months of kayaking, you’ll start to notice improvements in your health and your body. You will be stronger! All in all, if you are looking for something to do that will have great effects on your entire body and mind – try kayaking. It might be more expensive than other sports because you’ll need all the equipment, but it’s worth it in the end.Sourav Paul is a professional content writer and a certified content marketer helping a broad range of clients shape and refine their writing and content marketing strategies. He writes webpage contents, blogs, articles and SEO contents for various clients from all over the world. He is also an avid blogger and the author of the book “Än ultimate guide to freelancing – Do it like a pro!”Connect with him through his websites or Social Media: