Is Water Fasting Super Healing — Or A Super Danger?

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There is no doubt about it, Water Fasting is the latest trend and its rise is nowhere near slowing down. But is it really beneficial or just a passing phase we will later learn did more harm than good for our bodies? Hence, we ask: Is Water Fasting Super Healing — Or A Super Danger? It is helpful to answer this question by pointing out that for centuries fasting has been folded into the routines of several religious ideologies.

The reasons fasting has been part of the religious sphere vary. Most will lean more toward the fact that removing habits such as eating, heighten one’s spiritual awareness. The Global Health Center point out although water fasting has been relied on for several centuries, it is only recently that “modern science has found a variety of verifiable positive effects fasting that has on human health.” This is why the health benefits are not widely being expressed until recently.

Is Water Fasting Super Healing — Or A Super Danger

And, it i. why many of you are unclear whether water fasting is super healing — or a super Danger? Science supports that (when done correctly), water fasting is in fact not a danger and has major benefits. For example, water fasting is thought to contribute to slowing ageing by allowing the body to regenerate healthy cells. Water fasting helps with weight loss by throwing the body into a state of ketosis so the energy being burned is from fat.  Fasting will help lower your blood pressure

How to Water Fast

You do not just dive into a water fast. It is not uncommon for the fasts to last from anywhere between 1 – 10 days which means you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss any aspects of your health you should take into consideration. Fasting will worsen kidney problems if you have any. An extended fast can cause your thoughts to become cloudy and, in some cases, can lead to fainting. That is why longer fasts are not encouraged. Fasts that last between 24 – 48 hours are far more popular. They are safer and that makes them more effective.

Load up with the cleanest water you can get your hands on.  At the onset, it is strongly encouraged to begin with small steps. Ease into a 24-hour water fast, that is enough. It allows you to get a sense of how your body will react.

Also, before your fast, prepare to break it. Make some green shakes and protein drinks for the day following your detoxing fast. It will gently revitalize your stomach and other organs without overloading and sending them into a panic.

Things to consider are to not overdo while fasting. This means, reshaping your schedule to fit with your fast. You should not agree to go hiking (for example) while fasting. If you do not slow down, you are likely to get dizzy, feel nauseous and develop a headache. What you should do, you should relax and be gentle with your body. You should meditate. You should read.