Interview: Kate Sarginson on Welltodo & Bridging Businesses

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Interview: Kate Sarginson on Welltodo & Bridging Businesses–Kate has lived and worked in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the last 10 years and travelled extensively in the region. Having worked in sports marketing, events, research and consulting for a number of international businesses. She will be leading the expansion of Welltodo in Asia.

Interview Kate Sarginson on Welltodo & Bridging Businesses

How does Welltodo act as a bridge for entrepreneurs, job seekers, and industry leaders?

 We seek to be an anchor for the ever growing and changing industry.  Through our global voice online, we aim to feed business owners, entrepreneurs, investors and those passionate about the industry the latest in wellness news, providing an opportunity for them to learn and keep their finger on the pulse of what is happening in the industry from all around the world.  This has been our foundation and continues to be a huge part of our business. Outside of that, our careers platform has been an increasingly important pillar–be it supporting business owners to recruit talented and passionate staff, or helping people who want to secure that dream job in wellness. Our Careers Coaching packages have helped hundreds of people successfully make that move.

Welltodo is a platform for that fosters community–in what ways does that benefit wellness industry?

If one business performs well, it has a positive knock-on effect on the whole industry.  I think everyone would agree that we are only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sharing of voice and converting the masses into consumers’ of wellness.  Whilst competition can be healthy, collaborating and coming together is a key part of success.

Culturally it seems Asia is a natural fit for Welltodo’s platform. How can businesses benefit most from attending a Welltodo event?

We aim to bring the wellness industry and community together, providing a platform through our event to engage, share and connect with like-minded people.  Be it making a meaningful connection, meeting a potential mentor, investor or partnership, our events are aimed to be a positive influence on the industry. The more people can come together to collaborate, the better the industry will do long term.  Outside of our events we want to support people in building incredible businesses through our content, careers, business services directory and consulting solutions.

What is the roadmap planned for the rollout in Asia and what made you chose Singapore?

Singapore was a natural fit for our first event based on the size of the industry.  From here, we aim to create a true series in Singapore for our Founder Series and from there replicate our events in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.  Ahead of that, our aim is to host a regional summit in the next 2 years, attracting the industry from our key markets in the Asia Pacific.

You are currently based in Malaysia and travelled in from the UK, what similarities and differences are you seeing in the industry here?

Influences continue seeping into Malaysia and the region from the US, UK and Australia in particular.  Sometimes sticking to their existing format, others taking on a local twist.

The main difference is the maturity of the market in Malaysia versus the more developed countries but things are changing and growing.  The last 2 years, in particular, has been a tidal shift and shows no signs of slowing down.

Favourite fitness spot in Malaysia now or your current workout regime?

Firestation Fit would be my favourite fitness spot in Malaysia and outside of that I try and get some time on my yoga mat every day, even if it’s just or 5-10 minutes.  I also swim, run, play netball and bike, just recently competing in Power Man Malaysia.

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