International Women’s Day has come and gone, but not for A Better Florist! The flower delivery start up in Singapore is celebrating International Women’s Day for the entire month of March. It’s time to laud all achievements by wonderful women everywhere. Every flower, and every bouquet has a story. For the month of March, A Better Florist dedicates their bouquets to some of the most inspiring women in history. Us women have come a long way in the past century. We’ve drastically closed the gender gap for equal access to education, and jobs. We’re increasingly represented more and more in politics, societies, and groups. We’ve got some brilliant doctors, lawyers, bankers, entrepreneurs, office workers, and mothers — but we still have a long way to go.

International Women’s Day: Bright Flowers with Positive Messages

Each of A Better Florist’s bouquets this month is named after inspiring women. Every bouquet comes with a tag with a description of the inspirational women they’re named after and a slogan “You are the change. Inspire the world”. For example, there’s The Sonia, named after Sonia Gandhi, who holds one of the most powerful positions as President of the Indian National Congress Party in the world’s largest democracy.


International Women’s Day: Bright Flowers with Positive Messages

Lovers of the colour blue will appreciate The Vivian. Named after the incredible Valentina Tereshkova, this role model was not only the first woman in space and but an individual who also orbited the Earth more times than the combined total of four previous male astronauts. She was only 26 years old.

International Women’s Day: Bright Flowers with Positive Messages

Another one of our favourites is The Marie: named after the brilliant Marie Curie, who was the first woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, and the first person to win it twice. She also battled sexism throughout her entire career and contributed to developing x-rays in surgery.

So let this month be a reminder of some of the most awesome women who have changed history and let it be a reminder to live in their courageous spirit! Let’s keep celebrating International Women’s Day and send yourself or your girlfriends these important bouquets using promo code “FLOWERPOWER” for $10 off your order!

So here’s to a little flower power, to the women who have changed history, and to the women that do it everyday.

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