Yoga can harm your body if you are not mentally and physically aware. Find out how you can minimise the risks of doing yoga and reap the benefits.

How Yoga is Dangerous for You–A great many people propound that yoga heals. However, do you know that yoga can also be dangerous for you? If you are not aware of your mental and physical state while practising, you can destroy your body. Learn about the risks of doing yoga so that you can avoid serious injury to yourself.

Body Un-Aware

There are many yoga poses to learn in one class, from simple sequences like the downward dog to advanced ones like the half moon. Yet, do you know your body well enough to perform them? In any class, the students each have a different body or health issues, and everyone is doing the same sequences of poses. However, this does not mean that everyone experiences the same level of healing.

Although it is natural to desire to emulate the yoga instructor, students are most probably not physically on the same level as the instructor. So you may find yourself stretching beyond your limits, erroneously believing that it will make us more flexible. This happens because our blood flow increases as yoga movements, and especially hot yoga, heat our body up. If you are unaware and stretch past your safe zone, you could likely tear a ligament.

Competitive Ego

In this society where we are constantly trying to get ahead of everyone else, yoga classes can become a competition. Who can perform the most poses? Who can stretch the furthest? When the teacher asks of anyone has questions, very few students are ready to admit that they may have a problem achieving a pose. For a practice that is supposed to eliminate ego, having a competitive mindset increases the risk of injury.

Some injuries include a simple muscle pull, dislocated ribs when performing a spinal twist, and excessive extension of the neck and head resulting in damaged arteries from a handstand. In 1973, one woman suffered a stroke when executing a yoga move known as the upward bow. These injuries are covered by published medical journals

Be in the Know

Before attending the class, get some knowledge on it. Read up about it, and talk to your instructor about the strenuity of the exercise. Seek advice from a medical expert and on whether your body is up to for the challenge. Once you know your limits, any risks can be mitigated. Yoga is not scary, you not knowing your body is. So be prepared before going to class, and the health benefits will still be yours.

Yoga is intensive enough to be considered as a moderate sport. Like any other fitness activities, doing it the wrong way will lead to injuries. We do not want small problems to roll into big ones, do we? So always go into a yoga class feeling awake and having a good grasp of what you are doing. If it is too much, never be too afraid to move to the side and take a rest. This will be the easiest way of preventing any injuries.


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