How To Manage The Waiting that comes with Losing Weight

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Do you usually shop for a sexier-sized-clothes as your motivator to reduce weight and be fit? Here’s what Aly Rauff has to say with that good ol’ habit. Let’s learn from her and change the way we think in life. 

“Buy it in a smaller size so it’ll fit after you lose weight”

I heard this “advice” a lot when I was younger. Not directed me but to people I knew who were trying to lose weight. It was a topic that seemed to come up all the time in TV shows and movies. Even the Archie Comics! I recall this vividly still today.  

Is buying a smaller size after you lose weight really good advice?

NO! Not at all. For many of us, buying smaller clothes is the motive for eventually losing weight. In my opinion, this makes the advice absolutely shit advice. It is something I would never do and will never recommend to others.

There are people who still do it and even articles online (one I came across recently which is why I thought to write this) telling people it’s a great motivator.

Advoid Seeing Yourself as a Failure

Not everyone’s going to feel great every single day from the moment they wake up. They are not always going to feel great by the time they are ready to go into the gym or meal prep. They are not always going to feel great even when they know what they need to do to achieve their health goals. But this is where things you do to motivate yourself play a very important role!

I think it’s good to have short term goals. To make plans. To always reward yourself when you hit milestones and to keep in mind what you want to achieve. I’ve rewarded myself with really good (and sometimes expensive) food. New clothes. Runners. Events. You get the idea. In addition, I always reward myself after I’ve reached my goals, too!

Is it okay to have physical goals? OF COURSE! But again, these goals should always be short term and specific. Something that’s achievable, not outrageous. They must be something you truly believe you can manage.

How To Manage The Waiting that comes with Losing Weight

What happens when you feel like you have failed? Let’s be honest. Most of us just give up. And, we don’t want that.

Unfortunately, I’ve done it myself more than once. Not with the goal that one day I’ll lose weight and fit into my clingy clothes. I was not eating as well as I should and doing it while knowing, when I changed again, the way my clothes fit would, too.

Shorts have always fit me kinda weirdly because I have a larger waist and smaller thighs. I was in between sizes. Even though I knew this, I bought multiple pairs — up to 2 sizes too small — over a few years thinking they would eventually fit me right. And it never did.

They never did.

After all the time I spent envisioning I would eventually lose enough body fat for all the shorts to fit well, they still don’t fit the way I imagined they would. (Even these shorts I am wearing as I write you this don’t fit nicely).

Sure, I’ve lost body fat. I’ve gone down 2 dress sizes. But I still have countless pairs of shorts in my closet. Each a size UK 8. Each is too tight. Each is stupid and don’t sit right on me. IF I was entirely riding on that as a source of my happiness, I would be upset and consider myself an utter and total failure.

Being Healthy Does Not Always Translate into Getting Smaller

I can imagine how it feels for someone who is desperately hoping they will buy a number of clothes they will one day fit into. Our bodies are incredible. This is true even when our body fails to become something we want it to become.

This is even true when our body succeeds but still falls short. Some of us do manage to lose weight only to discover our body proportions stay the same.  Weight stays in certain areas and not others. Some people end up gaining more muscle from exercise. The fat shrinks. The scale tips up all the while one’s body size does not shrink! 

Of course, this is the cost of being healthier — remember, size is not everything!

 I believe in rewarding yourself once you hit these milestones — or at least properly identify your milestone.  When I know I have lost a few pounds. I love getting new sports bras more than anything else – and ladies we all know how often you might need to replace these if you’re losing body fat, right?

Love Your Body, No Matter What!

Let me also mention that if I was waiting to get smaller to be able to wear something, I wouldn’t wear tons of the stuff I own now. Just buy it in your size now and love your body in whatever you want to put on it, and then if and when you reach your physical goals, just buy some new stuff you love and want to wear!

But even though I’m saying all this, if you really like that dress, that’s great, and if you want to get it now a size or two (or 10) smaller, then who am I to stop you?

I can’t. Because I know more than anyone that identifying what honestly motivates you and makes you happy and helps you reach your goals, is what you need most.

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