Sisterhood & Hot Yoga at LAVA

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Hot Yoga Studio LAVA is an all-female hot yoga studio that aims to provide a comfortable yoga space for the ladies. As a leading hot yoga brand with more than 120 studios in Japan, Hot Yoga Studio LAVA have touched over 700,000 people, and bring happiness and health to them through their programmes. Started only in Singapore last year, the studio has made its presence in the East and started spreading goodness to the community. The friendly teachers and members have forged bond and enhanced their yoga journey with a sisterhood. I was at the studio on their Open House to find a whole new experience waiting for me.

Nicely tucked away on the top level of I12 Katong, Hot Yoga Studio LAVA is a hot yoga studio for women. Being new to yoga, I was pleased to have had my first Hot Yoga experience with LAVA at their open house and I was certainly not let down. Apart from Hot Yoga,LAVA also offers other classes such as Boxing Yoga, Ashtanga, Anti-Aging Yoga, and an Abdominal program to work your core strengths! As if gaining access to an exclusive club, LAVA is located next to the playground at the rooftop of I12 Katong. Location-wise, the studio is easily accessible for all fellow East-siders out there, otherwise it could be a long way to travel. However, there are a couple of bus stops near I12 Katong which could be easily reached from bus interchanges or MRT stations.

Sisterhood & Hot Yoga at LAVA

Being known for their Hot Yoga, the friendly ladies at LAVA recommended me Lava Flow I, which was Hot Yoga for beginners. The studio has provided mats laid out on the floor, each with enough space for a comfortable yoga session. The friendly instructor, Mika, took us through a simple breathing exercise, which calmed our minds for the session. Throughout the yoga session, the class was clearly guided visually and verbally by Mika. She moved around the room from time to time to allow everyone to get a good view of her, and to check everyone’s posture. As a beginner, I felt relieved to have an instructor who would personally check on everyone, and even help with my posture sometimes. It’s certainly feels different from larger studios where most members are regular practitioners and beginners can feel like they are being left out. I like the comfortable and warm environment, perfect as a start out, no worries!

Unlike an intense cardio workout, I left the room feeling rejuvenated after sweating it all out, without even panting! I had an enjoyable first experience with LAVA and I will definitely be willing to try Hot Yoga again. To end off your workout, they have a spacious locker room and sufficient showers that makes waiting unnecessary. The facilities are complete with fresh face and body towels for workout and shower purposes. Besides that, I found huge mirrors, combs and bottles of toner available for my post-shower regime. So you are more than able to pack light for class when you go to Hot Yoga Studio LAVA, your needs are well-cared for!

With a fairly accessible location, with spacious studios and showers, topped off with the friendly staff and instructors, I would definitely recommend Studio Lava for beginners who are looking to start practicing yoga. The entire studio is also kept in tip-top shape, creating a clean and comfortable environment for their members to practice yoga in relaxation. Overall, I would say that the studio left me with a memorable Hot Yoga experience and I was well worked out!