Forget Bali or Bangkok—head to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for your next spa massage weekend. The city offers luxury treatments that incorporate quality, natural skincare products.

When we make our great escape from the bustling life of Singapore, some of us have tranquillity in mind. Shopping, lounging by the pool, or a massage at a spa are some of the ways Singaporeans unwind. For many of us, Bali or Bangkok are our choice to get all three in on a getaway. However, what if we told you that Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam was another option?

The capital has a thriving spa scene that can rival that of Bali, while offering many shopping options similar to Bangkok. Similar to the tourist-centric Indonesian and Thai cities respectively, Ho Chi Minh has a selection of luxury spa offerings, and quality traditional, natural treatments, complete with a Vietnamese touch.

Spa Smarts

Vietnam embarked on the path of spas and wellness in the early 90s when premium spas started opening in the city. At that time, it was a concept that many Vietnamese viewed too luxurious for the ordinary person to enjoy. Since then, the scene has massively diversified—there are luxurious hotel spas and boutique spas, each with different specialties catering to different guest preferences and budgets.

At luxury hotel spas such as the Kara Spa at Caravelle Hotel and the Alba Spa Hotel, traditional body massages are married with imported skincare brands such as Comfort Zone, Jurlique and Pevonia. For a more authentic Vietnamese experience involving local, handmade products, head to an independent day spa instead.

Ho Chi Minh, Your Next Spa Massage Weekend Getaway from Singapore

From Vietnamese Times of Old

Vietnamese have used plants and grass-based herbs for health and beauty treatments since ancient times. For example, steaming herbs helps detoxify the body, and improve mental relaxation.

Vietnamese ladies favour natural ingredients such as royal jelly; rice bran and honey for their beauty treatments. Another traditional technique is coin scraping. With its roots in Chinese traditional treatments, coin scraping has been adopted by Vietnamese, and is particularly suitable for rejuvenating the muscles of males who regularly undergo hours of physical labour.

Quality Guaranteed

With spa goers becoming more savvy about using high quality organic products, many Vietnamese spas are equipped to cater to this. As mentioned before, premium spas import the skincare products that they use. One imported organic brand is ila, which uses organic natural plant and mineral ingredients.

Now while the independent spas may not be using imported skincare brands, they are careful to use good quality natural ingredients for their own handmade massage oils, facial masks, and body scrubs.

Ho Chi Minh City may not be the name that comes out of people’s mouths when thinking about spa treatments. Yet it is already slowly and steadily putting its mark on the map as the next spa and wellness destination in Southeast Asia.