With the oncoming Yoga Festival season underway, we are reflecting on various aspects of wellness. How to build it. How to maintain it. How to keep it. This week, we look at the secret to getting (and staying) motivated.

Here’s How to Become & to Stay Motivated–How many times have we told ourselves this: I’ll start tomorrow, I will do it later. It is too hard to keep going. I have no time. I am too tired. I am too busy.

Here's How to Become & to Stay Motivated


There are days when we lose the energy to keep going forward, the days when we give up on ourselves. Staying committed to your workout program requires discipline and structure, not to mention time management. However, we often fall into the trap of justifying why we cannot seem to stay motivated. What should we be asking ourselves is: How can I do it? How can I keep going? How can I NOT quit on myself?

Here's How to Become & to Stay Motivated

Here’s How to Become & to Stay Motivated


Starting and maintaining a workout regime can be tough, but with discipline and consistency you will find that the routine becomes a ritual- a lower back stretch when you get up in the morning becomes a necessity, a hip-opener exercise becomes an addictive welcoming start to your day. A thoracic spine twist at the desk in the office becomes a shoulder tension release and may even be a work stress release.

Avoid looking at your workouts as a laborious chore but rather as a life investment into good health for years to come.

Learn to track your progress. Seeing how far you have come is a great way to boost your confidence and stay driven. Let each step be a step closer to achieving your goals and give yourself a pat on the back and say “Job well done”! Reward yourself every now and then whenever you accomplish a small part of your goal. You will be surprised at how celebrating little achievements can be a great confidence-booster. Look to your role model in the activity or sport you are playing and be constantly inspired. Athletes and elite movers all have a common trait in them- they are fighters.

Here's How to Become & to Stay Motivated

Most importantly, remind yourself how good it always feels at the end of the workout. how stretched out you are at the end of a yoga class, how lean and tall you feel after a Pilates session, how light you always feel on your feet when you leave a studio after your workout. Strong. Spacious. Energized. Revitalized. What wouldn’t you stay motivated?