Healthy Moringa Recipes to Refuel your Body with Nutrigaya–For us Hong Kongers, time is of great value, with too much to do in so little time. Living in such a fast-paced city, many of us believe that maintaining good health requires consciously integrating fitness and exercise into our daily routines; however, with long work hours and hectic social lives, we often find ourselves short of time to schedule in a workout. This is all the more reason why we should motivate ourselves to maintain a holistic healthy lifestyle.

After working all afternoon on a dull presentation, how often is it that we find ourselves looking for a quick snack? But the question is: do you order food from a local restaurant, nom through a pack of wafers or munch on cucumber sticks? To quote Heather Morgan, “every time you eat or drink, you are either fighting disease or feeding it”. Resisting all the mouth-watering fatty foods is not easy, especially in a city like Hong Kong. Home to 80 restaurants that have made it to the 2017 Michelin Star list, Hong Kong and Macau are reputed havens for foodies. With streets lined with bustling restaurants, Hong Kongers are spoilt for choice. Maintaining a balanced diet and keeping the calorie count low is not easy. More so, the city’s small living spaces have kitchens that are barely inviting enough to cook regularly. Instead, people more often than not prefer the convenience of ordering in or eating a quick meal at a restaurant between meetings, resulting in less control of their daily nutritional intake.

In order to work at its best and live up to the demands of urban living, your body needs the right fuel to keep its energy balanced. This means ensuring you get a healthy mix of nutrients, vitamins and minerals on a daily basis to protect yourself from chronic ailments and low energy levels. To ensure that your body gets this goodness it deserves, consider using natural nutritional health supplements. Easy to integrate into your daily life, plant-based supplements can be naturally absorbed and processed by the body. When taken with smoothies and milkshakes, they can taste delicious and have tremendous health benefits. Nutrigaya has curated a selection of such ingredients derived from plant sources, which have, for generations, served as a life-balancing force for cultures around the world.

You’ll be surprised at how little time is involved and how much better you’ll feel with some minor changes to your daily routine. Simply replacing the pack of wafers with a healthy dip or the extra cup of coffee with a refreshing natural energy drink could do wonders if you give it a try. These Nutrigaya recipes help you get started in doing so –

1. Moringa Banana Smoothie

A perfect boost to start your day, this delicious smoothie is rich in nutrients and vitamins. Bananas are a great source of vitamin B6, which helps produce antibodies that fight off diseases and thereby strengthen the immune system. They also provide energy with high levels of carbohydrates and potassium. A smoothie with bananas also helps restore the electrolyte balance in your body which is especially important for a strenuous workout or long day.

2. Moringa Iced Cooler

Halfway through the day, it’s easy to reach out for a fizzy soda or another shot of caffeine; however, a natural energy booster like this delicious, healthy and refreshing ginger infused cooler is a much better option that we can vouch for! With anti-inflammatory properties, ginger can provide support for a number of gastrointestinal and circulation problems.

Moringa Guacamole

Hosting guests at home or looking for a quick nibble between meetings? Instead of ordering in something from the closest restaurant, consider whipping together this absolutely mouth-watering guacamole instead.
Guacamole is loaded with folate and Vitamin E, both of which reduce your risk of heart disease considerably. Avocados and lemon juice both contain Vitamin C, that can help boost immunity and improve overall health. Research indicates that avocados also contain certain essential fats that improve nutrient absorption from other foods as well.

But what’s so special about these recipes?

Nutrigaya’s Bodhii Boost, made with nature’s very own multi-vitamin – Moringa.
The Moringa tree, often referred to as the ‘miracle tree’ is native to India, and its leaves have been used for thousands of years as a rich nutritional supplement. Moringa leaves contain up to 46 types of antioxidants, 90 nutrients and 18 amino acids, making it a perfect source of nutrients in terms of variety and concentration. It contains more vitamin A than carrots, more vitamin C than oranges, more potassium than bananas, more iron than spinach, more protein than eggs and more calcium than milk!

Adding Moringa to your daily diet should help improve energy levels and overall health. It provides holistic support for your entire body, which in turn lends itself to greater peace of mind and a harmonious balance of energy within yourself.

We understand that in a city as fast-paced as Hong Kong, getting in a workout or time for fitness may not be easy. This is why we at Nutrigaya believe in providing your body with natural support for a sustained and inspired sense of well-being.

Our philosophy is grounded in living consciously – being aware of your body and making sure to invest in its health. It’s simply what we encourage and believe in.