Healthpreneur – Mun Tee, The Mlk Company

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We speak with Founder of The Mlk Company, Mun. A local, homemade dairy free milk company which provides dairy and soy alternatives.

Healthpreneur – Mun Tee, The Mlk Company

What Made You Want To Start This Business

It all started with several health challenges that I faced for many years. 3 years ago, I felt really miserable because my condition worsened. It was very disruptive to my life but I did not know what it was or how to fix myself. I started reading a lot, talking to experts in the field, and took up a nutrition course (which makes me now a certified health coach). I was always very conscious of my health even during those down times, but in this journey of discovery, what surprised me most was how little I knew about what I didn’t know, and how I succumbed so easily to willful ignorance. I turned my lifestyle around completely especially on my food choices, and for 2 years in a row now, I have hardly been ill. Now I want to help others make conscious food choices, because you really are what you eat. The Mlk Co is my means to sharing wellness knowledge with people. The product represents my emphasis on wellness.

Share With Us What You Love About What You Do.

I’m driven by the idea of making an impact. And I find a lot of satisfaction when I help someone become a better person, in some ways or another. In this case, making better decisions on food choices which directly impact one’s health. I have in the past 2 years seen many changes among my circle of family and friends from my sharing, and I would really love to now touch many more lives.

Did You Have A Previous Background In Starting A Business

No real experience. I have in the past explored many entrepreneurial ideas, and in the process read a lot and spoken to many people. This is the first where it is transitioning from ideation to realisation. 🙂

Tell Us About Your Team, Is It A Family Business?

It is a sisters team! I am managing the whole process but wouldn’t have been able to be where I am today without my sisters. I am also glad we’re all good at different things, which makes us a rather complete team. There are 4 of us, I’m the oldest of the lot. The second one, May, is based in the US. She’s a visual designer so she helps us out with our designs. The third, Tina, is an accountant so she manages everything that’s related to numbers as well as all of the necessary administrative work. Calista, our little sis, is the bubbliest of all and is really great with social media so she helps us manage the social media. She also takes all of the beautiful photographs you see on our Instagram / Facebook page as well as the recent article on BT. I currently work in a senior level exec search firm and prior to that spent my time in strategy and risk consulting roles. My husband has also been very supportive and instrumental in helping us get things going, literally. None of us drives, he chauffeurs us around and sometimes run errands on our behalf. Little things that make a big difference in our current rather chaotic lives. 🙂

“Singaporeans Are Becoming More Healthy”.. What Are Your Thoughts On This , How Would You Define Your Segment In The Health Scene.

I think Singaporeans are indeed becoming more conscious about their health, but I must say from what I’ve observed, more emphasis are being placed on physical activity vs food. I have come across many who think they could eat anything as long as they do physical exercises. I have also seen the very same people fall sick frequently. Having said that, I think what has made it especially challenging for people to eat healthy is availability and accessibility, both in terms of location and price point. Although I must say many health food vendors are conscious of such cases and are making efforts to eliminate those barriers. That is exactly what we aim to do – my hope is with time not only would our nut milk be widely available, they would also be available at lower prices than what it would be today with better economies of scale. There is also the part about health knowledge, which we aim to impart through our venture.

In terms of our segment in the health scene, we fit right where dairy milk has traditionally dominated in our lives – from breakfast to coffee to dessert, but for people who seek for home made dairy & soy milk alternatives. There are a lot of dairy milk alternatives already available in our supermarket but they are all of inferior quality – diluted, pasteurized, contains stabilizers, flavored with essence, etc. – the whole reason we’ve started making our own.

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What Have You Learnt About Yourself On This Journey

Although I’m still learning and make many silly mistakes in the process… I have learnt that I am more capable than I thought I am, and that when I stop thinking too much, I could get things going.

How Would You Define Success And Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years

I have always been the kind of person who finds comfort in having a plan, but this time, when I decided to venture into an uncharted territory and walk the unconventional path, I have chosen to enjoy the journey and not worry about what the future holds. Having said that, in 5 years I do hope to have changed many lives and made many friends in the process, and to be deeply involved in the wellness movement in Singapore. Non-profit work is also what I picture myself doing in the near future. Every single lives that I’m able to impact in a positive way is success to me.

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