Hasiko Morning Flow Workouts in Singapore

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Hasiko Morning Flow Workouts in Singapore–20-minutes each of high-intensity training, yoga stretching & meditation plus good nutrition gets you ready for the day, every day.

Hasiko holistic pop-up events combines a workout, meditation, and nutrition routine that anyone can do every day in under 60 minutes. in a 20min-20min-20min flow format. So you can be stretched, flexed and ready for your day.

The brand is founded by Zi En, a Pilates instructor and Davina, a Yoga instructor, who both have left the corporate world to embark on a life less stressful. They felt that mainstream wellness puts too much emphasis on the physical aspect and lacks the mental element. Hence they pancaked the Haskio fitness sessions into this format.

Hasiko Morning Flow Workouts in Singapore

“We plan to do regular morning pop up events at interesting spaces around Asia such as rooftop bars and art galleries, every month,” says Zi En.  If you fancy the island experience, it’ll be a monthly affair every Sunday at W Residences.


I jumped in on the first Hasiko morning session at Palm Avenue Float Club to welcome the new year on a positive note. Zi En’s background as a Pilates instructor came through with lots of half squats, slow pulses and bridging work. With the grunts coming from the guys in the back, I could tell it wasn’t just my hip flexors and glutes that were burning up. Good.

A guided meditation—Yoga Nirdra in this session—wrapped the final 20-minutes. I asked Zi En why she decided to incorporate meditation instead of savasana into the Hasiko flow.

Her response: “Have you seen people who go the gym every day, but constantly look stressed and tired? That’s because they aren’t taking care of their mental health, which is equally as important. You can only live life to the fullest if you are feeling great both mentally and physically.”

Couldn’t agree more—it certainly got me refocused and connected to myself, and it just felt good and I felt this was something that pulled it together.

Acai bowls topped off with homemade granola were on the menu, which was a good way to kick-start the morning.


It’s a beautiful view in the morning from Palm Avenue Float Club, overlooking the Kallang river and the adjacent park—it took my mind off the post workout burn. Sunrise in the CBD on a rooftop bar next? Perhaps.

I believe the venues that Hasiko select will play a role in the overall experience it wants to create. The event reminded me of Daybreaker and morning rave workouts, except that the Hasiko session felt more personal, exclusive, focused and minus the crowd and smell of the nightclub.

The Hasiko life aims to create engagement on a deeper level physically, mentally, and emotionally. From the sounds of it, looks like it‘ll appeal to the stressed-out city folks, type A- early risers and attack-the-morning personality types, and those looking for motivation other than a double shot espresso.

You can find out more at their website www.hasiko.co and Facebook page.