Hana Ismail’s Workout Music Playlist & Motivation–Juggling both career and kids while maintaining a disciplined yoga practice is no easy task, but Hana Ismail does the job well. We find out more about her workout secrets.  

She is a certified yoga teacher who completed her 200-hour teacher training at Pure Yoga in 2015. At 38 years old, Hana Ismail relishes the fact that her body has the strength, flexibility and stamina to hold poses, ranging from arm balances to complex inversions. We take a closer look at her workout routine with two simple questions.


What is on your workout music playlist?

My personal practice is Ashtanga yoga, which is traditionally a silent practice. Your focus is mainly on the sound of your own breath. If you enter a Mysore-style yoga shala, the first thing you will notice is how quiet and peaceful it is, despite the collective energy buzzing from the sweaty bodies breathing and practising individually in the room. If you listen in to an Ashtanga-led class, you will hear the sound of everyone’s breathes creating a sort of beautiful symphony together, along with the teacher’s instructions: ‘Ekam, inhale, dwe, exhale’ So there you go, that is my workout ‘music’!

If I were to ever create a workout music playlist, it would be something soothing to flow along and bliss out to. Think a smattering of Massive Attack, The xx, Sigur Ros, The National, Death Cab For Cutie, Hammock, Of Monsters And Men, Bombay Bicycle Club, Broods, maybe throw the odd Cure or Smiths in the mix.

Hana Ismail’s Workout Music Playlist & Motivation

What motivates you to workout, when you do not feel like it?

There are definitely days when I don’t feel like getting on the mat, and Ashtanga is especially hard work! But it has been proven time and again that when I do manage to bring myself to practice on difficult days, I always end up feeling much better than when I started. Sometimes, I even find some kind of breakthrough during the practice. So my motivation is knowing that my time on the mat is always worth it. Plus, I can eat whatever I want afterwards!

Hana Ismail remains fascinated with asanas (posture), and particularly enjoys hanging upside down. Find her in various yoga poses on her Instragam @hanadoesyoga.