Mindfulness Workshop for Busy Professionals–Hack the hectic out of your day, your week, your life.–Looking for a lifehack? If your professional life fills up more space than clothes in an overstuffed closet. If tasks, meetings, mini coffee breaks and messaging take up every tick the clock tock during your day until there is no time left for you, the mindfulness workshop designed specifically for busy professionals is looking for you.

The Mindfulness Workshop has one goal. To teach how ten minutes of meditation a day will open your life to an abundance of balance, physical and mental rejuvenation. Combined, these attributes will give you a clear mind and an open calendar.

The Benefits of Taking the Mindfulness Workshop for Busy Professionals

Aligning the body, mind and energy, enables us to navigate through life’s storms without capsizing. Learning to find our centre and stabilize our thoughts allows us to fluidly flow on even footing. Regaining balance means spending less time picking ourselves up from mistakes made while juggling with both hands while trying to move in opposite directions.

Mindfulness Workshop for Busy Professionals

The clearer the mind is the less likely mistakes will be made. As fewer mistakes are made, time opens itself to new and exciting possibilities.

Being mindful frees emotions from getting stuck. Emotional balance creates the opportunity for happiness,  and happiness creates the possibility for health.

Every rowboat needs a good set of oars to get off the shore and begin a journey. Meditation is the lifehack everyone’s life needs in order to take in and enjoy the journey. Learn how 10 minutes of meditation a day can change the path you are on.


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Fri 15 December 2017

7:30 PM – 9:00 PM



The Golden Space Singapore
418 Race Course Road
Singapore, Singapore 218665