The ONE new brand essential for your home. Let’s start green cleaning now with bio-home!

When I first heard about green cleaning, I wasn’t quite sure what is green cleaning exactly about, until I chance upon several stories that talks about how toxic materials or ingredients can lead to health-related issues. Many Singaporeans, like me, aren’t quite sure about green cleaning either. There are very little information about green cleaning around, and that could be the reason why people don’t make the switch.

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Everyday, we are exposed to chemicals. Be it in the office, at home, or out on-the-go, you will know better where you spent most of your days at. And these are the places that we need to put in a little extra effort (and money worth) to keep the environment safe. Results will come unknowingly. You’ll experience lesser headaches, fall sick lesser, you think that your sensitive nose issue went away, and the list goes on.

I believe that many people fall into the convenience trap where they just pick up a quick-fix solution for your household chores from the supermarket, not knowing, ignore the fact that it contains chemicals that would harm your body. I found a perfect brand that is safe, affordable and eco. If you’ve seen bio-home around in NTUC Fairprice, yes, it’s the brand I’m talking about.

I got my hands on the floor cleaner, laundry detergent and multi-surface cleaner, perfect for everyday cleaning (and spring cleaning). I must say, I’m fascinated on the quality of these green cleaning agents. I can finally do a proper replacement of the cleaning supplies at home, and ensure everyone at home with a safe and non-toxic environment.


Go Green For Your Daily Household Chores

If you’re a fan of lemongrass or green tea, you’ll love the bio-home floor cleaner! You can ensure your house smells fresh and light right after your floor cleaning. The formula is rinse-free and quick dry, making your home really safe even for babies and pets. Bio-Home’s floor cleaner is made from 100% natural renewable plant-derived ingredients containing plant-based active ingredients. And guess what, these active ingredients have anti-bacterial properties, without any harmful chemicals like phosphate, synthetic dyes, optical brighteners, EDTA, SLS, bleaching agents, phthalates and any cancer-causing agents.


Go Green For Your Daily Household Chores

You will also fall in love with the bio-home’s laundry detergent. Feel free to hang your laundry indoors and it will not smell mouldy at all, thanks to the hyacinth and nectarine fragrance. The detergent is the first-of-its-kind in Singapore that contains Silk Protein to protect delicate fabric such as silk and wool, so you can save time and effort without having to wash them separately. A pity mine is vegan, so it doesn’t contain the Silk Protein. If you’re washing clothes which are much more exquisite, go for the Delicate version, it also smells of hyacinth and nectarine. For every full load of your washing machine, use only 1 capful as the detergent is a 3x concentrated formula; saving cost too!

What’s cool: It contains Plantmoist, an ingredient made from advanced technology to moisturise the skin and increase your comfort when you wear your clothes.

How it works: Your laundry will quickly absorb Plantmoist when it’s washed in bio-home laundry detergent. This moisturising ingredient will then be transferred to your skin when you wear the clothes.

Go Green For Your Daily Household Chores

If you love the floor cleaner, you’ll love this as well. With the same frangrance of lemongrass and green tea, the bio-home Multi-surface Cleaner also contains the plant active ingredient that has anti-bacterial properties and is gentle on skin. This is a great all-day cleaning solution for your daily needs with a rinse-free formula. No hassle to spray or use clear water, plus the added benefits of so much more comfort. By the way, it’s also dermatologically tested to ensure that it’s safe for children and pets.

This is a perfect green cleaning solution if you’re looking for a hassle-free and safe daily cleaning. Make the switch. Go green for your daily household daily chores now!

The green range also includes bio-home dishwashing liquid and bio-home kitchen cleaner.

If you want to find out more, check out their website and facebook.

Go Green For Your Daily Household Chores


To kickstart a good habit of green cleaning, bio-home is offering 5 lucky Loopers a bio-home hamper worth $33!

All you need to do is to email us and share with us the names of the products that bio-home carries for green cleaning.