Why Marriage Counseling & Yoga Are Not Different

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How do yoga and marriage councilling have anything in common?

CAN YOU guess why Marriage Counseling & Yoga Are Not Different? Because there really is no difference. This is easy to understand after taking time to examine the roles these activities play in our lives. Let’s start by looking at real intimacy and why we lack knowing how to produce it.

Intimacy (like yoga) is not something we learn about in school (yes, this is changing. Yoga is being introduced into the classroom). If we are lucky, our parents gave us hints about how intimacy is expressed — but that does not mean it comes with a treasure map that tells us where to find it.

Naked, unadulterated, unhindered intimacy is not discussed often enough. This is one reason so many of us eventually turn to outside help to help us identify the tools we need to be close to another person.

Why Marriage Counseling & Yoga Are Not Different

Of course, once one experiences intimacy with a spouse, opening new lines of genuine closeness with friends and family is a natural and wonderful side effect. Counselling for a relationship is the same as taking a yoga class to guide you along the path to prolonged health and fitness which is why from marriage counselling to yoga, there is really no difference between the two. Both serve a practical and necessary function.

The same reactions apply– your relationship not working well should be addressed the same way feeling out of shape is.

The first thing you need to do is not panic if your relationship is not running smoothly. Modern relationships need modern guidance. Given this, even if your parents are the perfect example of a complimentary couple whose days of devotion to one another seems to come as naturally to them as the ocean turns each wave, intimacy comes with practice and knowledge — about one’s self and then your partner.

Deepening intimacy is fun–really, really fun. Once you have both given up fighting each other and fight for a common cause (yourselves) it is time to explore various ways to extend your intimacy adventure. Shutting off your mobile phone and opening your heart, mind, spirit means opening to exploring these new avenues by bringing your partner deeper than ever into them.

This is the same as meditation. Quitting the mind is a focused approach to relaxation. Opening the heart is a focused approach to loving. If you open the mind and heart together, you hold the key to a door that is the source of a purposeful, meaningful and abundant intimate life with those you love.