Finding Organic Vitality In Surprising Places

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The latest technological wonder sitting in your hand, or sugar-coated wonder-medicine, is of course made from the natural resources of the planet. It might be hard to recognize and seem otherworldly, but it’s all natural. As a species, humans would have nothing but for the planet’s bountiful resources. It’s something taken for granted over the last couple of centuries, but all over the world nations are protecting natural beauty – and for good reason.

If you take yourself back to nature, you might be surprised with the utility everyday, natural objects can bring; from naturally invigorating tree species to exfoliating rocks on your feet.

Finding Organic Vitality In Surprising Places

The power of plantlife

Plants are the source of many things humans rely on in the 21st century. Countless medicines were found in the exotic plants of the Amazon, and the farming would never have flourished without wheat and rice. Far from needing to venture to far-flung regions, though, super plants can be grown at home. Succulents are an example of plants that can be used in your day to day life. Aloe vera can moisturise and cure sunburn; Rhodiola has been found to ease depression, an emerging health issue in Singapore.

When it comes to succulent, they’re very easy to grow, too; typically, you can neglect these plants and see them flourish.

Genuine, natural wonderfoods

Whilst succulents can provide restitute for tired skin and medicinal effects, they can’t fill your belly or give you big nutrient hits. However, there are natural, organic foods hiding that can do that, too. Take, for example, the use of purple cauliflower in food. A natural, quirky vegetable, purple cauliflower looks alien but is absolutely natural. The difference is it leaves you feeling fuller when included in bread, is packed full of anti-carcinogenic compounds and is an all-around organic wonder.

When taken with natural powerhouses like chia seeds and dragon fruit, you can find crazy, exotic but natural plants provide you with inner vitality.

Rocks, minerals and natural power

The use of healing crystals has been preached for millennia, with many cultures and religions swearing by their use. In a more modern twist, key minerals that constitute common rocks have been found to have profound health effects. Selenium, for example, is linked to a huge range of life-sustaining, vitality inducing effects and can be found in nuts and legumes. Whilst most humans are familiar with metals like iron, zinc and copper having an important effect on keeping our body ticking, not many know how the earth’s natural minerals assist, too.

So, there you have it. The planet provides more than we ever know, and that which we sometimes take for granted. When you wake up feeling fresh, have a think about why that is, and you can sustain yourself with natural power.