AHIMSA Jewelry features a beautiful collection of high quality, handcrafted yoga-inspired jewelry in precious silver and gold vermeil. The collection displays an exquisite craftsmanship, as each pieces is individually handcrafted by village artisans in Bali, Indonesia, who have carefully combined the silver work with highest quality precious gemstones, personally sourced from around the world by the Founder and Creative Director, Dewi Loho.

Established in 2012, AHIMSA Jewelry initial collection was launched in June 2014 after an intense two years of design exploration. A passionate yoga practitioner, Dewi draws her design inspiration from the ancient yoga philosophy. She said, “My yoga teacher once told me that Ahimsa is not only about non-violence. Ahimsa is an act of love. Because when you do everything from the space of love, the space of kindness from your heart, then it will never be harmful. It will never be an act of violence. This message of his stays with me for a very long time and becomes an inspiration in everything that I do, including my jewelry design” And thus is the beginning of AHIMSA Jewelry. In designing the collection, Dewi decided to focus on several aspect of symbolism that portrays the various aspect of Love, with the intention to deliver the true meaning of Ahimsa that can be easily understood by everyone. Through AHIMSA Jewelry, she aims to channel her passion and her love, with the hope to inspire others to do the same. To stay connected to the heart and to always remember to Love.

Tree of Life

Finding Inspiration with AHIMSA Jewelry

The Ahimsa Jewelry logo is a Tree of Life with Ahimsa writing as its roots. The Tree of Life is a symbol of humanity, of every one of us as an individual. Placing Ahimsa at the root of the tree conveys the message that for our life to flourish and be fruitful, we have to base our action on love, on Ahimsa. When love is our foundation, and when we do everything from the space of love, then we can grow to be strong, just like the Tree of Life.


Finding Inspiration with AHIMSA Jewelry

The universal symbol of OM is widely used in practice of Hinduism and Buddhism to portray One-ness. OM is the singular sound of the universe, the sound that will come when all sound are combined into one. It is the symbol of unity. OM portrays the union between our body, mind and spirit, through which we will experience the feeling of true joy and peacefulness. Because when what we do, what we say and what we think are in alignment, there is no more separation in our soul. This is union. This is peacefulness. This is OM.


Finding Inspiration with AHIMSA Jewelry

The Owl is the bird of the Goddess Athena for the Greek Mythology. Athena is the Goddess of wisdom, knowledge and justice. She fights to bring peacefulness to her people through her wisdom and love. The Owl is also highly regarded in the Tibetan culture as the symbol of knowledge and protection. It is believed the Owl stays up at night to guard us, while the watchful bright eyes will guide us during the time of darkness like the light at the end of a dark tunnel. The Owl symbol reminds us that through wisdom and knowledge, we will always be protected and loved.


Finding Inspiration with AHIMSA Jewelry

Ganesha is a powerful Hindu God. This playful God is highly regarded for his powerful protection and knowledge. In India, it is customary of give a Ganesha statue or pendant on a wedding day, because it will bring joyfulness and love to the marriage and the family. To have a statue of Ganesha inside the house is believed to protect the house from any harm, and to always shower the family with happiness and blessings. Ganesha is also a powerful symbol that will allow us to have trust in our self and in the highest power, knowing that it will guide us through time of difficulties with his strength and knowledge.


Finding Inspiration with AHIMSA Jewelry

The Snake or the Serpent is one of the oldest mythological symbols, which represents the cycle of life, rebirth and the continuous renewal of life. The snake symbolizes our eternal search for knowledge and enlightenment through our many cycles of death and re-birth. In the practice of Yoga, the mythological coiled Serpent represents the Kundalini energy that lies at the bottom of the spine. When awakened, the Kundalini energy rises through the central channel of the spine and is believed to bring a feeling of ultimate bliss, peacefulness and love.

Sun Salute

Finding Inspiration with AHIMSA Jewelry

In the practice of Yoga, the Sun Salutation is a spiritual practice of perseverance and gratitude. Traditionally done at the break of dawn, a Sun Salutation is an offering to the sun, the source of life, which delivers the message of humility, surrender and love. Through the practice of Sun Salutation, we learn how to connect to the Sun, to the Universe, and ultimately, to our self through the breath. To always be reminded to return to the breathing, and find peacefulness and calmness in our Inhale and Exhale.

Through meticulously thoughtful designs and its beautiful craftsmanship, AHIMSA Jewelry hopes to inspire everyone to rediscover their connection to the beautiful heart energy of pure Love.

To Love, is Ahimsa.

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