Family Costellations for happy nourishing relationships

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Family Costellations for happy nourishing relationships–Unveil your invisible family-system entanglements to empower your family and professional life.Family Constellations guide you to detect unresolved aspects of the past still impeding projects and relationships to grow.Book a session to experience emotional and relational resolutions with your family of origin, partners, children as well as your professional connections with colleagues and organizations.Past, Present & Future reconnect on a single stream of consciousness for a renovated inner health.

Family Costellations for happy nourishing relationships

When? 8-9 November 2017  – Singapore

Balanced Living – 779 Bukit Timah Road

What are Family Constellations about?

How often does a situation in our life unfold that feels almost too familiar?Patterns are often inescapable and create a ripple effect of repeated dynamics and behaviours they transpire.

Dysfunctional personal and familiar relationships, careers that fail to meet success, struggling to reach financial freedom… are all caused by movements stronger than our actions, intentions or abilities.

Family Constillation reveals how our choices are shaped by hidden, unresolved dynamics pertaining to the family system we belong to. As if the past that still lingers in the present within our souls.

To remain faithful to the history which preceded us, we repeat the same destinies of our ancestors, taking on the responsibility of the stones left unturned. We’re left repeating a script that has already been played out by someone before us.

Family Constellations guide us through the journey of discovering our spirit, towards a new found awareness.  Ancient ties are untangled in order to embrace and flow with our lives fully, succeed in relationships and make more affluent choices.

Family Constellations applies to any relationship system in our lives: family, personal and professional, businesses.

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