When it comes to personal training, people tend to be a little more apprehensive especially when it comes down to commitment; but it’s one of the best way to see results that are crucial in making positive changes to your lifestyle. If you’ve tried to get into better shape, but have not seen significant results, personal training could be the way to go.

Club Insignia

Exclusive Care: 5 Places In Singapore To Get A Personal Trainer

This premium gym facility first launched in mid-2015, and features world-class equipment for all your workouts. Club Insignia has Fitness Specialists to guide you to achieving your fitness goals. With Insignia’s personal training program, you’ll receive a fitness assessment, a customized exercise plan, nutrition coaching, and regular progress chartings. The personal training sessions start at $70 per session.

If you feel intimidated from a private session with a personal trainer, Club Insignia offers a Buddy Personal Training program, which allows you and a friend to enjoy personal training together, with no membership required. Check out Club Insignia and contact them to find out more!

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Gold’s Gym

Exclusive Care: 5 Places In Singapore To Get A Personal Trainer

The largest home-grown fitness gym chain in Singapore, Gold’s Gym has a great reputation for their personal training programs, that was specifically designed for the men and the ladies. Other than the one-on-one attention you get from the professional trainers at Gold’s Gym, you can expect an easy-to-follow diet plan, lifestyle modification tips, and constant fine-tuning to your gym program to push you on. Certain programs are also based on time-tested, proven, and scientific methodologies.

Gold’s Gym has 3-month weight loss programs, which has the option of being personalized for men and women, bulking up programs for men, and even personal training for children or teenagers, who seek fitness and create healthy habits! Check out Gold’s Gym and their whole array of testimonials on their website.

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Gym N Tonic

Gym N Tonic is a gym all about welcoming staff and homely gym atmosphere, while maintaining a serious attitude when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. Their personal trainers specialize in weight loss, improving muscle strength and tone, and teaching the correct form for exercises. Gym N Tonic offers both Standard and Intensive personal training programs — neither requiring a membership fee payment.

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UP Fitness

Ultimate Performance (UP) Fitness prides itself as Singapore’s elite personal training gym, offering world-class standards through their trainers. UP Fitness seeks to replicate their success from London to Singapore, through fat loss programs (unisex), bridal preparation packages and muscle building routines. You can expect noticeable differences in your physique within the 12-week program; and achieve a toned physique and physically impressive body that you’ve always dreamt of.

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Exercise equipment at Level is quite substantial, including pull-up bars, barbells, rings, ropes and kettle bells. The brand also features a large space for jumping, throwing, skipping and squatting. Their workouts are themed around mimicking everyday movements and situations. Level’s personal training course will help you get lean, lose stress, get into great shape, and at the end of day, feel great. Their team of personal trainers are handpicked and obligated to maintain the highest fitness standards, ultimately leading their clients by example. You are assured to be in good hands at Level.

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The personal training gyms mentioned above are dedicated to maintain premium quality in their services and are ever-ready to guide you towards achieving your personal fitness goals. If you’ve considered personal training but have had your doubts fester over time, now is the moment to start.