Meet Eric Yip: He’s a freelance photographer with a knack for taking picturesque shots on a range of subjects, whether its people in their natural environments or capturing landscapes from unique angles. He is also a fitness junkie who loves to run and take part in team sports. Read on as we chat with Eric on his fitness journey and have a marvel at some of Eric’s stunning photography work. You can check out more of Eric’s photography in our interview with Copper Crow and Jacqueline Manalastas. Get connected with him here:

Can you share with us your journey to healthy living?

A very mixed bag! I have several activities in my “fitness toolkit” to ensure there are no excuses to doing something everyday. I have always been very active in sports through school and university as my participations is very dependent on my social circle / environment. Thankfully the context has always been an active one – mountaineering clubs, tennis competitions, swim meets etc etc.

A Picture Perfect Conversation with Local Photographer and Fitness Enthusiast Eric Yip

Do you follow a fitness regime which you could share with us?

I do an assortment of fitness activities.They involve breathing exercises – a mix of pranayama and deep breathing exercises, qigong and yoga, running, swimming and High-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T).

The various levels of intensity and length required for each, ensures that I have an exercise to do anywhere with any period of available time. Of course, eating well and sustaining a balanced emotional state is also an everyday activity; this largely is with the help of my wife!

Any new fitness habits have you introduced in your life recently?

H.I.I.T is very new to my life. A friend introduced it to me and I immediately took the the different effect it had on my body – finding physical limits. We do this once a week together; it’s also a time to catch up and shoot the breeze. This had such an effect on me that I created a “FIT!” series of images which you can see on my website!

A Picture Perfect Conversation with Local Photographer and Fitness Enthusiast Eric Yip

Do you have a fitness regime that you follow which you could share with us?

Do something everyday – this is the only expectation I put on myself. Sometimes it is 5 minutes of breathing / stretching, and other times, it is a 10km run to hit personal best times. With my lifestyle today as an assignment photographer, I adjust my regime to the time available to me; time is unpredictable for me these days!

Can you share with us some challenges you faced when introducing those new changes?

Commitment – sticking to the change and investing in it for long enough to see the positive results. Before the results show itself, there is typically a lot of pain and discipline needed; we need to get past this ‘hump’. Giving yourself enough time to let the good stuff happen to you is a test of patience and commitment.

A Picture Perfect Conversation with Local Photographer and Fitness Enthusiast Eric Yip

What keeps you motivated to stick to your routine?

My mind and personality is very flitting! I find myself with a very high failure rate when it comes to routine. The approach I take to get over this challenge is to remove all reason / excuse not to stick to my simple expectation: Do something everyday. This is where deeply learning each of the exercises that fit any ‘available time’ helps. Now there is no reason not to do SOMETHING daily. You can do a breathing exercise whilst on a 15 minute bus journey!

Since your career change from headhunting to photographer, how has your lifestyle changed?

Significantly.From predictable to dynamic, from scheduled to instinctive, from a predominantly logical mind to a stronger reliance on the senses – this has affected all parts of my lifestyle. One thing is for certain – I have more time to appreciate what is important to me, and to take pictures of it!

Any advice would you give others who wish to embark on a healthier lifestyle?

A healthier you affects not only your “self” (mind, body and soul), it also has a powerful effect on the people around you – making new friends, and deepening existing relationships stem from a brighter more energetic you. The healthier lifestyle is a very personal one – search for the something that connects with your own body and state so that you enjoy it deeply. Set your own expectations. Go forth and make the world a better place! Man in the mirror!

A Picture Perfect Conversation with Local Photographer and Fitness Enthusiast Eric Yip