As the yoga culture bears fruits in Asia over the years, many apparel brands have sided ‘Mother Nature’ when it comes to their products. To help you align your inner practice with outer style, here are a few apparel brands that will help you go green.

Rumi Yoga

Eco-friendly Apparels Any Yoga Lovers Would Want

The team behind Rumi Yoga is passionate about minimizing damage to the environment. They believe that by making less impact on our environment, we are making their world a better place for the next generation. Rumi Yoga is an online store that lives up to their motto: Spiritual, Sustainable, and Performance. Their high performance leggings are made of 100% recycled plastic bottle while their tops use reused coffee grinds.

Despite keeping it eco friendly, they don’t compromise on quality. Their carefully developed high-tech fabrics don’t suffer from colour loss or size changes when tossed in a regular washing machine. To top it off, their apparel designs are constantly up to date with the latest trends, while retaining their stretch and comfort.

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Touch The Toes

Eco-friendly Apparels Any Yoga Lovers Would Want

Launched in 2011, Touch The Toes is a small startup along Arab Street to satisfy the growing demands of eco-friendly yoga-wear. Handled by three ladies who are passionate about yoga and the environment. Touch The Toes carry labels that use only organic cotton, bamboo blends, and recycled/up-cycled materials — all sustainable produced. Not only are their apparels eco-friendly, but they are also amazingly comfortable against the skin and unique in their own prints.

Om Republic

Eco-friendly Apparels Any Yoga Lovers Would Want


Om Republic was birthed from an eco-conscious yoga enthusiast who dreamt a wardrobe filled eco friendly fabrics. In addition to the plethora of stylish yet functional active wear for women, Om Republic also offers pre-natal selections. Their garments are mainly made up of organic cotton yarn, aiming to support sustainable farming practices and minimizing environmental footprints. Based in Singapore, Om Republic has its roots in the East, with an aesthetic that travels the world.

Carrot Banana Peach

Eco-friendly Apparels Any Yoga Lovers Would Want

Opened in 1999, Carrot Banana Peach is a one of the longest running eco-friendly yoga apparel brands in town. Though born in the UK, CBP opened its second office in Singapore in 2000 and has catered to the eco conscious masses in the South East Asian region ever since. Aside from living up to their eco-values, CBP does not compromise on quality and relevance. Be it slow paced exercises or high intensity work outs, the brand meets both of ends of the spectrum and everything in between.


Eco-friendly Apparels Any Yoga Lovers Would Want

Lululemon barely needs any introduction to most avid yoga enthusiasts. Despite having an extensive range of contemporary designs, Lululemon’s products are crafted from materials of the highest quality to help you reach your potential in the fitness world. Lululemon also seek involvement in embracing environmental health; encouraging consumers to live long, healthy and fun lives.

In a world struggling with climate change and environmental degradation, these apparel brands have altered the face of fashion with their values. Sharing their goals play a big part in environmental conservation — no matter how little the contribution.