The terms: “Mindfulness”, “Being Present”, “Aware”, these are terms that are often used in the psychological, religious, spiritual and meditation world. But they refer to our basic needs, thoughts and actions in our every day life, including our food and eating habits.

In today’s busy life not many people have time to research a recipe, cook, serve, sit down, appreciate and eat a meal with friends or family in a quiet, calm environment. No, today we are the “fast food nation”, the people who have no time for anything let alone a proper meal. No doubts about it, it is harming us both physically and spiritually.

We have gone from saying grace at family meals to TV dinners, meals on the go and instant – microwavable everything.

So often I see people “inhaling” their lunch all the while holding their smartphones and checking their social media. Clients tell me that evening time in front of the TV is when the mindless eating/drinking occurs. I have spoken to people who “need” a drink (or two) to relax and un-wind when coming home from work and recently on holidays I saw a family of four sit together to breakfast each one holding their own digital device and eating in front of it, all the while ignoring themselves or the food they eat.

The term spiritual food refers to how one’s food was prepared. Imagine the difference between a home cooked meal by a mother who was playing music while preparing dinner for her family – she has placed love in the food by thinking of her family and how much she wants to nurture and nourish them – AND a fast food meal cooked by an underpaid employee who really did not care about you or your food. Which food do you think is more nourishing?

By thinking of our food, and I don’t mean only the nutrient density of our food but rather how our food is prepared, who we are eating our meal with and how we feel after the meal we are brining the right positive energy to our meal time which gives us the right energy, the healing energy.

One of the first steps towards a healthy lifestyle is taking time to think about your food, plan your menu, cook your food from fresh ingredients. Take time to be present, aware and say “thank-you” for the food in front of you.

These simple steps will help you become more aware of what you put in your body which will intern help you make better food choices and ultimately be healthier.


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Nutrition is: Eat less. Get food educated. Eat healthier. Move more.