Defending your Health and the top rated workout & diet programs of 2017

The never-ending quest for the best workout and diet programs just keeps getting better. Every year something new comes along and every year something new is worth trying. Defend your Health sent SOULSCAPE a list of their top workout and diet programs for 2017.


If you’re not sure just where to start on your fitness or fat loss journey, the programs listed below are where you should begin looking. We’ve included a quick summary of each program so you’re able to decide if any could be for you, then provided a link to a full review which will give you all the details you need.

Top Rated Workout & Diet Programs of 2017


1. Old School New Body Workout and Diet PlanBody


Top Rated Workout & Diet Programs of 2017This is our go-to recommendation here at Defend Your Health. That stands true for men and women young and old. This is a simple 3 x 30-minute session per week workout and nutrition program that’s designed to help people get their younger physique back. It is great for all ages, however particularly successful for people over 35. We love The Old School New Body 2017 Program!


2. The Fat Loss Factor Diet and Fitness Program

Perhaps the most famous fat loss program on this list, FLF by Dr Charles has been getting more and more popular online for the last couple of years. That really is no surprise with the huge number of public success stories made available by previous customers – the results really do speak for themselves.

Top Rated Workout & Diet Programs of 2017

The program itself focuses primarily on nutrition to achieve simple and sustained weight loss. An initial 2 week ‘cleanse’ period is then followed by a less strict diet plan that mainly involves eating real, whole foods. Nothing revolutionary, but certainly effective. The thing we really like about FLF is the step by step nature; if you just follow what you’re told to do and stick to it you can’t help but get results. There’s also some good exercise and workout information included to help you get the most from your healthy eating.

Overall, anyone should be able to see great results by following this program. We give it 8/10 overall – Here’s the review of Fat Loss Factor if you’d like to learn a little more and decide if it could be the right choice for you.

3. The Cruise Control Diet

Top Rated Workout & Diet Programs of 2017

Top Rated Workout & Diet Programs of 2017

Cruise Control Diet: Learn more

As a relative newcomer to our top recommended list, Cruise Control has really impressed everyone here at DYH. The program definitely focuses on the foundations of effective fat loss – what you put into your body and the quality of the food you eat. Much like many of the most effective programs available for losing weight, this one doesn’t contain anything groundbreaking. What it does do however is just teach you what works, then gives you a step-by-step follow along the way to implement it for the best results. Recipes, meal plans food lists and more – this program will tell you everything you need to know about eating for fat loss. We suggest you take a look!Top Rated Workout & Diet Programs of 2017

4. The Venus Factor Workout Plan

Top Rated Workout & Diet Programs of 2017As one of the best-selling weight loss and fitness programs of all time, TVF has thousands of happy customers who have been able to follow the program and achieve amazing body transformations. The course is designed specifically for women and the results are difficult to argue with. Check out our comprehensive Venus Factor overview article for all the information you could need to make a decision.

5. The Fat Diminisher Diet Program

Top Rated Workout & Diet Programs of 2017This is a fairly new weight loss program on the scene but has literally exploded in online popularity with thousands of positive customer reviews showcasing impressive fat loss in less than one month. The diet uses principles used by author Wes Virgin which he learned in the army. The main attraction of this program is that it promises great results in less than 28 days, as long as you follow it. We’re big fans of the diet – have a look at this complete review of The Fat Diminisher and see if it could be a good fit for you.


6. The 3 Week Diet Plan

You may be familiar with this program already as it has received a huge amount of online press – mainly due to the claims made around losing weight in well under a month. Overall the diet plan does have a lot of merit, and generally delivers on its promises even if they do seem a little farfetched. The diet isn’t for everyone, so read our full 3 Week Diet Review article for all the details.