Cracked Lips: Easy Remedy for Chapped Lips–A fast effective natural cure for painful red cracks on the corners of your mouth.

We’ve all experienced cracked lips at some point in our lives. It usually happens when we didn’t drink enough water or when we are in a cold and dry climate. Some of the easiest remedies to cure cracked lips is drinking more water, and using lip balm.

However, there is one form of chapped lips that is not caused by lack of water in the body. This is when the corners of the lips crack. Sometimes, this form of chapped lips is accompanied by redness and soreness, and it could become itchy, crusty, blistered, or scaly. This condition is known as angular cheilitis, or angular stomatitis, or cheilosis.

Cracking the Condition

Angular cheilitis is actually an inflammatory condition. It is not caused by dehydration or dry weather. Both children and adult can suffer from this cracked lips condition, especially if they are in poor health.

Some factors include:

  • Saliva trapped in the corners of the mouth, creating an environment for bacteria and fungus growth
  • Oral thrush
  • Lack of good nutrients such as iron and vitamin B
  • Illnesses in particular inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, anemia, immune disorders
  • Sensitive skin
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Braces that don’t fit well

Quick Fix

If you have angular cheilitis cracked lips, the first thing you shouldn’t do is lick your lips. You should keep the corners of the mouth dry so that the area where the lips are chapped will be dry. Some doctors say that cracked lips from angular cheilitis will cure by itself.

You can speed up the healing process by doing the following:

Natural Remedy

If you’re someone who prefers a natural cure for cracked lips from angular cheilitis, here’s a nutritional supplement to consider.

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