On our final leg towards the end of the year. Many of us could be deliberating whether we’ve done enough, achieved anything we set out to do for 2015, and much more that could be on our mind. Before we begin stressing ourselves out and losing sleep to all these issues, let us think about the positives of the year and the many things we have done that we never thought much about. Now, with a clearer mind, we will be able to plan for 2016. Here are some tips that we would approach the coming year.

First, let us begin with getting ourselves into contemplative mindset thinking about things that we have done well, can do better, and probably wouldn’t do again. The achievements made, the goals we met, and people we made happy including ourselves. As we continue to contemplate, we look deeper into what else could have been done. For example, our family, friends, our colleagues, social circle and community as a whole. Perhaps, there is somewhere we could have done more but did not. Remember to keep yourself positive and never putting yourself down, constantly reinforcing positivity into your thoughts.

Contemplate. Recharge. Renew.

Next, something we can do is to recharge our mind, body and soul. To recharge the mind, perhaps we could go for a walk with nature, spend some quality time with family and friends, or even some “me” time with yourself on a hobby or learning something new. For the body, we would suggest any form of exercise that you like. Also, perhaps enjoy a massage and reward yourself with some good food for the hard work you have put in for the year. Finally, for the soul, bring it back to contemplation and meditation. You could try out a new class, participate in some sharing or self-reflection journals to pen down your thoughts everyday, helping to release the stresses and loads we carry on our backs everyday.

By now, we should feel very refreshed, rejuvenated and full of energy to invite 2016 into our lives with open arms. We can now renew our goals for the new year. As we plan for our goals to achieve in 2016, let us think practically and learn how will we go about doing it. Will we include things we’ll do with the community? Our colleagues? Our family and friends? Thinking about each and every part of the quadrant that has a part of lives in it.

You should have more than enough now to go about making positive change in your new year, bringing about a difference to those around you too. As we come to the end of 2015, let us embrace our mistakes and achievements, and to appreciate the people who have made a difference in our lives.