Use Your Clothes to Earn Money, Save Money & Save the Earth with R

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Think you have nothing wear but have too many unused clothes in your wardrobe? Rather than let them collect dust, make some money by selling them on Refash, a Singaporean venture.

Use Your Clothes to Earn Money, Save Money & Save the Earth with Refash–You look in your wardrobe—you have too many clothes, but nothing to wear; this must be a woman’s daily dilemma. If only you can wish them away or sell them in a day, then maybe your purse will be okay. Then it is time to consider using Refash.

Use Your Clothes to Earn Money, Save Money & Save the Earth with R

Refash-ion Your Unused Clothes

Imagine a system that helps you sell your unwanted clothes, and put money back into your pocket—that is Refash. It is an online platform that allows females to sell gently used apparel to fellow ladies with an interest in fashion.

The platform will pick up and sort the secondhand clothes that you sell, accepting only those that are new or almost new. They then list your items online for sale, and you receive payment within three working days. At the same time, you can also shop for the other apparels listed on their platform.

This is a local business that is eco-friendly, as it encourages recycling and less consumption, by choosing gently loved clothes instead of new clothes.

Second Hand is the New First Hand

If you are someone wondering how many people would actually buy second-hand clothes, the response to Refash has been positive. CEO Aloysius Sng says, “When we first started, everyone thought that no one will want to wear secondhand. However, we hit our highest sale during this year’s Chinese New Year, a period where the traditional mindset is that new clothes are required and that wearing second hand will make someone lose face.’

So it seems that more ladies are more open to shopping mindfully, especially when the clothes sold on the website are in tip-top condition, looking like new.

Buy More to Earn More

Going on a shopping spree that puts money back into your pocket is not a fantasy. Singaporeans think that paying less means getting clothes of a lower quality. However, the Refash website lists clothes that are worth $50 or more, going for less than $20. So that is the saving money part.

For those selling your clothes on Refash, you receive 70 percent of the listed price back. This price can be decided by you, or Refash can do so. By selling items that you no longer use and buying clothes that you desire, you buy and you earn.

Refash-ioning the World

The more clothes we buy, the more clothes that factories have to produce, and this can lead to environmental issues, as well as social issues. With Refash, buying more actually saves the planet from unused or gently used second-hand clothes are re-introduced back into the market. Refash is determined to push forward this green proposition.

Aloysius explains, ‘One girl’s old is another girl’s new; One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.’

So with Refash, you can tell your friends that your shopping habit saves the world.

‘We want to inspire a new generation to always think secondhand first,’ enthuses Aloysius. If you can reduce damage to your pockets and still have a different look for every day of the month, you are making an environmentally conscious and financially smart choice. You decision paves the way for sustainable fashion and supports businesses like Refash in their environmental aims.